Hey folks,

Last year, when we did JohnCon 2016…it was held at my house. This year I had some big plans to make it bigger, and to be very honest…my work travel situation has really kept me from promoting this event properly.

HOWEVER….that doesn’t mean JohnCon 2017 isn’t happening…it’s just moving…BACK TO CASA MENOTHJOHN

That’s right! We are gaming at my place…that means we can bring our own booze and really not worry about anything.

We are going to have a great time and I have updated the address on the FB event.

If you have registered and need my address…email me on pwmenothjohn@gmail.com and I will send it to you.

Please consider…even if you can’t go…donate to www.gofundme.com/johncon2017

And this does mean…JohnCon2017 will be LIVE STEAMED!!!  where? www.twitch.tv/menothjohn of course!! More to come folks…but this will mean less stress for me and still all the awesome!