I think anyone who has watched PwMJ over the 4.5 years we have run the show would tell you that we have always stood firmly in favor of fun…but how can you make fun more fun…when you can help others.

JohnCon 2017 continues the tradition we set out with JohnCon 2016 and the JDRF All Day Podcast. In those two events we have raised over $2200 for charity and we look forward to continuing the tradition this year.

Just like last year, JohnCon will be donating 100% of the funds from the show to the Walden III Middle School food drive. That food drive benefits the Racine Food Shelf and they also donate money to help with veterans who are struggling. I think these are both wonderful causes and ones I have have a great deal of heart for.

The picture you see here is from one of the food drives and the kids really do their all. My boys, Jacob and Charles, will be participating again this year and I hope you challenge Chuck to some Colossal Wrestling!

So…Please come. We will have great prizes and great times. Buy tickets till it hurts and remember, every can good = 1 ticket…every $1 = 1 ticket and tickets get you awesome raffle prizes!

We will shortly be starting a GoFundMe page for JohnCon2017. As soon as that gets put up…we will let you know.

Lastly…if you want to come…email me at pwmenothjohn@gmail.com and I will let you know where to send your money and we will get you signed up!!! Remember!!! We have a limit so reserve now!