Hey Brushheads!  I’m back again with my final thoughts on all the models I used.

Helga:  I didn’t get much play time with her, but I did find her to be quite survivable.  She is not really a good starting warlock for a Journeyman, as many of her abilities require additional warrior models.  I look forward to trying her some more later.

War Hog: While it has pretty mediocre base stats, Aggression Dial in a faction with Primal and so many other ways of adding damage means it is quite an impressive beater.  I preferred it in Sturm and Drang, TK and Killing Ground both help cover some deficiencies.

Battle Boar:  Generally just an animus on legs, as MAT 5 and POW 11 is not good.  It does have some great anti-infantry potential, if it can make it there.  Overtake and berserk can help it kill a bunch.  Again, better with Sturm and Drang, as Pack Hunters make it terrifying to infantry.

Razor Boars:  Still not sure on these guys.  Lesser Warbeasts in general don’t seem that good and these have almost nothing going for them.  I may try them again later, but I don’t expect much.

Sturm and Drang:  I spent the most time playing him and I liked him.  He’s got a lot of versatility and great spells/abilities.  I think he may require the most thought of the Farrow casters, as you have to decided which head to use each turn.  I’ll keep playing him.

Gun Boar:  Solid gun with good AOE damage.  I like it.  No frills, but solid for the price.

Road Hog: I’m really not sure on this guy.  I think he could be great, but he’s only barely able to handle another heavy…and that’s only with Primal or other buff.  Sprint is hard to pull off, but there was generally less infantry around for most of the league.  I will keep trying, and hold him for more late game, perhaps just using the flamethrower until then.

Totem Hunter:  Super-mobile and great at tying up units.  He’s not easy to kill, but he’s not super-hard either.  I really enjoyed him and only dropped him because the theme was so good.

Efaarit Scout:  Not worth the points.  Just doesn’t do enough for 6 points.  It’s fast and mobile, but only one shot is not good enough.  Also it’s generally dice -2 on most heavy targets and 5 average damage isn’t that much.  I feel it needs an adjustment of some variety (more wounds, more attacks, or less points) to be worth it.

Farrow Brigands:  Definitely the Hordes version of Idirians.  They can kill the heck out of their prey target.  Probably should be the mainstay of most Farrow forces.  I’m not sure how they fair without the UA, I may try them like that some time to see how they do.

Farrow Slaughterhousers:  Pretty much exactly what you expect looking at the stats.  They are solid and can kill big stuff (if it’s hurt), but their damage is swingy.

Farrow Bone Grinders:  Meh.  Probably worth the points.  It’s hard for me to tell, as the hordes players all dodged me through the later weeks.  I really want to see how they do with Midas.  MAT 8 and dismember, possibly with Calamity could be great.

Maximus:  He’s solid.  He’s what you expect from a melee-only solo.  Not mobile or fast.  He has just enough abilities that your opponent will have to focus on him to kill him and, if he gets into infantry he will kill the heck out of them.


There you go, my thoughts on all the models I used.  I look forward to playing some more Minions, perhaps even some gators, and trying out more combos.


Until next time…RAHN!