Hello, Brushheads!  This is it, the final week of the Journeyman league.  I only got two games in, which is understandable since we’re at 75 points now.

This week we added 10 points which left me with few options.  I chose to drop the Razorboars, since they were not amazing, and add another Gun Boar and another unit of Slaughterhousers (making my Farrow Brigand Warlord free).

Game 1 was vs Matt, a newer player to our area.  He wasn’t part of the Journeyman league but, since he was willing to play the Journeyman scenario, I got points for it anyways.  He was playing Grissel2 with an Axer, Bouncer, and Impaler as her battlegroup.  She also had two Fell Callers, max Kriel Stone with UA, Kriel Warriors with UA but no WA, min Champions, and double Long Riders.
I’m not going to go into my usual detail with this game, because it was textbook one-sided.  On one side my Brigands (with Polarity Shield) were able to kill most of one unit of Long Riders (finished off by Slaughterhousers), and part of the Kriel Stone and Kriel Warriors.  My two Gun Boars did a great job on the Kriel Warriors and then Kriel Stone.  My War Hog killed a couple Long Riders (finished off by Slaughterhousers), then missed two 3’s in a row leaving two of three Champions alive.  I also forgot Retalitory Strike again, which could’ve left him alive since the 2nd attack from the first Champ spiked high.  Maximus ended up finishing off the Champs.  He decided it was over when he realized his assassination run stalled.


Game 2 was one sided a different way.  This game was vs El Marshall with Ossrum.  He had added a Battle Engine (dropping something).  He had a poor 2nd turn and I hit him quite hard in return.  Then he decided to go for the objective and killed it with two Artillery, an Avalancer and two Gun Bunnies.  Very disheartening to have such a decent game ruined by such a bad scenario (more on that in my wrap up post/cast).


Overall, I’ve done pretty well with the Farrow and i’m looking forward to the Tournament.  I’ll save all the model thoughts and such for next week’s wrap up.


Until then, RAHN!