Here it is Brushheads, the penultimate week of the local Journeyman league.  I won destroyer the first two weeks and Marshall has won it the last two weeks.  Can I win another week and have some momentum going into week 6?  Actually, it doesn’t matter, neither Marshall or I are “trying” to win.  We’re just playing games and having fun.

This week I had two options.  In order to make the Thornfall Alliance theme, I had to drop the Totem Hunter, giving me a grand total of 21 points to spend.  I need to add some sort of unit to make my Efaarit Scout free, so I put in Slaughterhousers.  That left me 16 points to spend. Just enough to get my Brigand Warlord for free, but the scenario was on my mind.  The scenario this week had a single objective with ARM 18 and 30 boxes.  Destroy it and you win.  That had me worried, as a couple lists have a ton of shooting.   Since Sturm gives all my warbests shield guard, I figured that I could add the Razorboars back in for more s ont he Charge hield guards.  Tough choice.  I ended up adding the Razorboars, Maximus and a min unit of Bone Grinders.

Game 1 was vs Oak’s Mercs.  He has Damiano, Rover, Mangler, Rutger Shaw with a Talon, Kell Bailoch, Steelhead Riflemen, Nyss Hunters, and double Bokur.  The Brigands preyed Kell Bailoch to keep him away from them, figuring I could kill him when I need with an assault spray from the Road Hog.  I advanced fairly cautiously setting up my beasts in good positions to shield guard, and advancing then digging in with the Brigands (who had Polarity Shield on them).  He did very little to the Brigands until after they engaged.  I had the line with the Road Hog to assault and hit Kell, but he had left enough space for the Road hog to get to Damiano, though it was his feat turn.  I just had to clear off a Bokor and some Nyss, which the Slaughterhousers did well.  Though I had forgotten to use retalitory strike on him last turn when he hit me.  D’oh!  I ended up taking the shot at Damiano, one crit on the gore could end him.  I didn’t crit, but I ended up doing some damage to him.   I did have vision on me, so that’s good.  On the other side, the Brigands did amazing vs Sure Footed Steelhead Rifles with no prey.  Killed a couple with shooting, then a couple more with melee and repositioned into annoying spots.  The rest ganged up on the Bokur for minor damage.  The Gun Boar had done good work last turn, shooting the Talon and getting good blasts, took another good shot, killing a couple.  On his turn, Oak put the Rover, Mangler and Talon into the Road Hog, killing it.  The Bokur killed some Brigands, and the Nyss, Damiano, and Kell killed a couple Slaughterhousers and Maximus.  On my turn, I had a decent lane to Damino with the remaining two Slaughterhousers, so I took it and the first missed, while the 2nd hit for 15 damage.  With only 8-9 boxes left, not even focus could save him.

Game 2 was vs Ryan’s Cygnar.  He had gone into Storm Division with Maddox, Reliant, Ironclad, Stormclad, Stormblade Captain, Stormblades with UA (but no Gunners), Firefly, Squire, Storm Lances, and Laddemore.  Quick note, I again forgot Retalitory strike.  He won the roll and chose to go first (a great idea, since his list gets extra deployment and lances are so fast).  He pressed way forward, but I countered by staying back.  I did manage to get a good spray on Laddemore (didn’t manage to kill her horse) and the Ironclad.  Next turn he went all in and sent his lances (4 of rhem, on was stuck behind his lines due to a mistake) into my Razorboars, War Hog and Road Hog.  It made a heck of a front line that I could get through, due to the missing Lance.  He didn’t kill anything, due to some bad rolls, but got some damage spread around.  On my turn I managed to charge one lance with Maximus, and it toughed so I didn’t berserk into my own Razorboar.  The War Hog killed two more and used overtake to take cover behind a building.  I did manage to kill all four lances to clear my lanes and have my Brigands brutalize his Stormblades.   I left only one alive, because the one with LOS missed.  The Road Hog charged the Ironclad, hitting the Reliant with the flamethrower.  The Ironclad ended with a couple boxes left and he killed Laddemore.  On his turn, fire finished the Ironclad and the Reliant took 5 damage.  He made some mental errors, forgetting to allocate focus and then forgetting to feat with Maddox.  The Stormblade Captain, remaining Stormblade, and Firefly managed to kill my two Razorboars, who had charged into the Stormclad and Stormblade Captain for good damage on the former and little on the latter.  The Stormclad charged in and killed everyone within reach, about 4-5 Brigands.  The Reliant critted on the Road Hog, making it stationary (which ended up not mattering since I had to frenzy).  On my turn, I managed to kill the Stormclad,  and leave the Reliant on 6 boxes (column 4).  On the other side of the board, Maximus killed the Stormblade Captain, the Stormblade, and crippled the Firefly, which the Brigands finished off.  The Efaarit Scout ran toward the objective.  On his turn the last Storm Lance did a number on the remaining Brigands, while Maddox feated and killed the Road Hog.  The Reliant did very little, since fire had left it with one box.  On my turn I sent some stuff at Maddox, killed the Squire and Storm Lance; while I started to ping the objective with the Efaarit Scout.  I ended up killing it next turn when I sent the War Hog into it.  Ryan continues to be very aggressive, but he’s starting to see his errors when he’s too aggressive.

Last game was vs Marshall.  He’s gone into the Hammerstrike theme.  He has Ossrum, Driller, Avalancher, two Spray Bunnies, 4 Gunners, two Artillery Corps, max Forge Guard, Thor and two Bokur.  This was a marathon and a very even game.  I forgot Retalitory strike again. :/  I also had a bad string of high to-hit rolls (when low would’ve been fine) and bad damage rolls.  In the end, I took a chance and boosted a TK on a Gunner, when I should’ve just played a longer game and saved a focus to transfer.  The Artillery with Fire For Effect needed a 13 to hit me and a 15 to kill me and he got both.

Overall, I’m enjoying Farrow, but i’m looking forward to more variety in my lists.  I have some broad ideas about the Journeyman rules, but I’ll save them for a later post/podcast.


Model thoughts:
Sturm & Drang:  He’s pretty good, even better after Sinervale re-read the feat and told me I’d been playing it wrong.  It doesn’t allow any allocation to jacks, which is ok.  Switching back and forth between heads has helped,  I just think Drang’s spell list needs something else…it’s pretty bleak.

War Hog, Gun Boar, Road Hog, Battle Boar:  No surprises here, they do what I’ve come to expect from them.
Razorboars:  They’re a bit better now that there are some more infantry around for them to munch.  Plus they’re good, disposable shield guards.

Maximus: He’s hit or miss, but when he hits he’s amazing.  He needs some sort of survivability buff, but what do you want for 4 points.
Efaarit Scout:  Even more hit or miss than Maximus.  Not sure he’s worth 6 points.  Probably should have 8 wounds or be 5 points.

Farrow Brigands:  Jeebus, these guys are good.  I can’t imagine not using them.  They’re not quite Idrians, but they can clear more themselves.
Farrow Slaughterhousers:  It’s amazing what one point of MAT can do.  MAT 7 all the time (9 on the charge) is great.  They’re very swing-y on damage, but that’s not horrible.
Farrow Bone Grinders:  While I miss Arcane Bolt, I like that they are better overall.  They can be a solid melee unit and, with a hit buff, can threaten heavies.  Plus CMA.


That’s it for this week!  Just one more week of Journeyman, then the end of Journeyman tournament (which I’ll post another article about my pair for this list), and a wrap up post or two to go!