Another week in the books Brushheads!  This week we jumped to 50 points and I added a full unit of Farrow Brigands with Warlord and an Efaarit Scout.  Hopefully, I can make up for my poor showing last week.

Game one was vs Trollton Heston with his Trollbloods. His list was Calandra, Mauler, Bomber, Axer, Night Troll, Impaler, Janissa, and a full unit of Sluggers(!).  Oak was just hanging out, so we had him set up terrain.  It was pretty even, aside from a wall just outside the zone on one side and a building in a similar position on the other side.  Trollton won the roll and chose to go first, so I made him switch sides so I could have the wall.  He set up with Janissa, Calandra, Mauler and Bomber on the right side of the building and the rest on the other side.  I set up the Efaarit Scout and War Hog on the right; Sturm&Drang, Gun Boar, Battle Boar, and Road Hog centrally; and Totem Hunter and Brigands on the left.

Turn 1, he just ran and advanced.  On my turn 1 I countered with running and advancing, putting Vision on the Road Hog and casting deflection.  The Efaarit got a shot on the Bomber, but missed.

Turn 2:  He advanced some more, cast Star Crossed, and had some shots with the Bomber and Impaler.  End result: 3 damage on the War Hog.  On my turn I decided to go for an early strike and switched to Drang. I couldn’t quite get all his beasts in my Control area without jumping the wall, so I just cast Killing Ground and Primal on the Road Hog.  The Road Hog went Full Boar and charged the Impaler, boosting the hit on the Night Troll, which set it on fire.  The Road Hog barely manged to kill the Impaler, due to some crap damage rolls.  The Totem Hunter (which I learned has Tracker to ignore forests for charging…so he did) charged the Sluggers (who he had preyed) killing one (due to tough) and sprinted behind them engaging all of them.  The Brigands just advanced and dug in, I felt like I should’ve run but chose not to in case the Bomber got a bit froggy.  The War Hog ran to the other side of the wall, to take the Road Hog’s position (mistake) and the Gun Boar jumped the wall and shot the Axer, taking out spirit.  The Scout could take a shot at the Bomber from exactly 12″ and be out of star crossed, so he did.  Doing very little damage to the Bomber.

Turn 3:  Trollton decided to feat and go for max damage (and boy did he).  The fire on the Night Troll continued for 9 damage, killing Body. Calandra cast star crossed, cast Rage on the Mauler, healed.the Axer and Night Troll and feated.  I should note that as of yet all Janissa had done was make hills for Calandra.  The Axer charged the Gun Boar, threshering onto the War Hog for good damage to both.  He then lamented engaging them in melee, so his Bomber couldn’t just bomb them.  He then switched to the Sluggers who, in an impressive showing, mangaed to hit the Totem Hunter twice, but leave him on 1 box.  The Mauler charged the Road Hog, hitting twice and then threw him into the War Hog (hence the earlier not of mistake), killing the Road Hog.  Two more spiked damage rolls from the Bomber later, and both my heavies were gone!  I should’ve jumped that wall and feated.  The Night Troll ran to get in the way of the Brigands, but didn’t get any in melee.
On my turn 3, I had no initial idea what to do.  I started with Drang, who boosted two punches into the Axer, the 2nd one critting and throwing him.  I healed the Gun Boar to functional, but didn’t feat (should’ve).  I had the Scout shoot the Axer, but he did little damage again.  Then the Brigands activated…and they truly went Hog Wild.  My first 3 shots killed the Axer, swapping Prey to the Nigh Troll, who fell shortly after, prey going to the Mauler.  I finished my shots on the Mauler, but only got two into melee, leaving it on about 6 boxes in Mind.  The Totem Hunter killed two Sluggers this turn and continued to engage them.    The Battle Boar just advanced to get toward the action.

Turn 4:  Trollton is about as surprised by my counterpunch as I was at his punch.  He crafts a plan to heal the Mauler for 2, Befuddle the Gun Boar out of the way and trample to Sturm and Drang.  Seems solid.  Unfortunately, he missed the Befuddle, even with a re-roll.  The Bomber then charges it and kills it, managing to not block the Mauler’s lane.  The Mauler regenerates and tramples.  He goes over 3 Brigands…missing them all.  The one he couldn’t get took his free strike and crippled his Spirit.  The one Slugger misses the Brigand who charged him last turn, while the other manages to kill the Totem Hunter.
My turn 4, Drang punches the Mauler to death, the Brigands go Hog Wild on the Bomber, killing it and the last two Sluggers.  The Scout leaves Janissa on 1 box.  At this point Trollton decides to call it.

It was a good game.  I was surprised at how much work he did on his feat turn.  I need to leverage my feat more vs Hordes players.  I get so used to Warmachine players who don’t really care about my feat, since they can get two focus anyways.  The Brigands were terrifying.  I can’t wait to get some more use out of them.


Game 2 was vs Ryan and his Cygnar.  He had Maddox, Stormclad, Firefly, Ironclad, Laddemore, max Storm Lances, Ragman, Squire, and a Stormblade Captain.  He won the roll and chose to go first.  He came screaming at me, with Maddox putting her armor buff on the Storm Lances (my prey for the Brigands), Onslaught on herself and Assail on the Stormclad.  On my turn I mostly advanced, staying out of threats.  The Totem Hunter got Vision, and Brigands got Polarity Shield and dug in after their advance.   The Gun Boar shot and killed a Storm Lance.

Turn 2: Ryan realized that he wasn’t really going to be able to win a shooting fight with the Brigands, so he boosted a shot from the Firefly (Totem Hunter’s prey) into a Brigand, making it tough, and opening him up for Laddemore to shoot and kill him and make another tough.  The Storm Lances mostly stayed back, save one who trotted forward and took a shot, missing.  The Stormclad and Ironclad mostly jockeyed for position around the zone.  Maddox stayed safely behind a wall outside the zone and Ragman positioned for use next turn.  On my turn, I TKd the Road Hog and cast Primal on it, and it went in, killing the Firefly and setting Laddemore on fire, before sprinting away.  The Totem Hunter swapped prey to the Stormblade Captain and immediately charged and killed him, and sprinted to a wall in the center of the zone to tempt something out.  The Gun Boar had softened up the Firefly (not really, bad damage roll) and pinged the Stormblade Captain.  The Road Hog just stayed out of threat of the Stormclad.  The Brigands had just aimed and softened up the Firefly and killed a Stormlance.  I ended the turn up 1-0.

Turn 3: Ryan decided to feat, and had Maddox charge the Totem hunter and boost to hit him over the wall, prompting me to use Vision.  Ragman got near the Road Hog for Death Field while Laddemore charged him and hit for 18 damage (ouch!), and galloped away to annoy the Totem Hunter (who had preyed her).   The Storm Lances assaulted the Road Hog, doing poorly on shots but killing it easily in melee, also causing a Brigand to Tough.  They then repositioned around the  Brigands, tying them up.  The Ironclad was still out of position and moved toward the zone.  The Stormclad finished the turn by charging and ending the Totem Hunter.  On my turn, I swapped to Drang, killed a Stormlance, cast Killing Ground and put primal on the War Hog.  The War Hog used his aggression dial and charged the Stormclad, killing it with initials +1 bought attack, overtook in BTB with Laddemore, dismounted her, then killed her.  The Brigands charged the Lances and managed to kill the last 2.  The Gun Boar had softened up the Stormclad and moved in front of the Ironclad to prevent it from charging.

Turn 4:  Ryan pretty much just repositioned, having Maddox charge and kill the Efaarit Scout and the Ironclad kill the Gun Boar.  Squire and Ragman ran.  On my turn 4 I swapped back to Sturm and the War Hog frenzied, but had to stop at the wall.  Sturm advanced into the zone, put Vision on the War Hog, and TK’d the Ironclad around and two inches away to make a charge on the War Hog impossible.  The Brigands had moved prey back to Ragman and advanced toward him, only one getting range but he Sac Pawned that off on Maddox.  The rest shot the Ironclad, doing some decent damage.  The Battle Boar charged it and took off both arms.  I went up to 2-0, since the TK had gotten the Ironclad out of the zone.

Turn 5:  Ryan had Maddox charge the War Hog, but did minimal damage.  The Ironclad turned around and head butted the Battle Boar for decent damage.  On my turn 5, I went back to Drang.  The Brigands mopped up Ragman, swap prey to the Squire an kill it, swap prey to the Ironclad and kill it, swap prey to Maddox.  The War Hog got primal and aggression dial, hopped the wall and got a crit on Maddox with the tusks, ending the game.

Ryan is super-aggressive and it gets him some good turns, but he usually ends up over-committed.  I’m trying to help him out with that, but it takes time.


Model thoughts:
Sturm & Drang is working better with more swapping back and forth with heads.  I need to work on using his feat. I’m basically playing without one most games, so when it is useful I still forget to use it.
War Hog:  Still a good beater, I need to use his animus a bit more an try to maybe go without Primal or Aggression Dial on him sometimes.
Road Hog:  Still need to use him better.  Remembered Sprint once, need to use it more.  Perhaps even try to use Full Boar more to get longer sprints.  He’d probably be baller with Arkadius or Midas due to their debuffs.
Gun Boar: Solid, not spectacular.  Still haven’t managed to make his POW10 blast damage worth it, but that has been more dice than anything.
Battle Boar:  I’m trying to keep him for late game for some infantry clearing shenanigans.  Still usually just an animus on legs.
Totem Hunter:  Been better about using him, making the opponent trade down to get him or at least tie up a ton of stuff.  He will probably get dropped next week since he’s not in the theme.
Efaarit Scout:  Not impressed yet, but damage dice have been consistently low.  I’ll keep trying him, perhaps on some smaller models ( I forget that AP works on them now).
Brigands:  Holy cow do these guys get some work done.  Definitely the Hordes equivalent of Idrians, they are quite good.  I can’t wait to try them out with a caster that does more for them.

That’s all for this week.