Back again, Brushheads!  I had a bit more of a normal experience this week, and by that I mean I didn’t win all my games.  For those worrying, I did get my Road Hog assembled in time.

This week I dropped the Razorboars, and added a Road Hog and the Totem Hunter.  I thought about Maximus, but it is better to have a model I can actually affect with all my spells.

Game one was vs Oak, with his Mercs.  Oak had Damiano, Rover, Mangler, Bokur, Harlan Versh, and a max unit of Steelhead Rifles.  This was a frustrating game.  Not because of Oak, not because of his force, not because I lost.  It was frustrating because his dice skewed high all game and mine skewed low, so it was very difficult to analyze what I should’ve done differently.   Early on I had the Totem hunter kill one Rifleman and Sprint to engage Versh and another two riflemen over a wall.  The Mangler moved over and killed me, then he used Road to War to position him better later in the turn.  I probably should’ve just hit and run back.  Or at least put Vision on him.  That same turn I TK’d Sturm to try and spray a Rifleman (with Surefoot) to death and missed with a boost.  The Gun Boar then missed him, too.  I probably should’ve just cast Decelleration and just aimed the Gun Boar for a better shot at him.  After this point dice just went wacky, but I’ll give some highlights.  I missed a boosted TK on a Bokur to free up my War Hog, so he took a free strike for a ton of damage and left the Rover on 3 boxes (on Damiano’s feat).  The Battle Boar did his chomp-chomp (overtake and berserk) and killed 3 or 4 Riflemen and Versh. The game functionally ended when Damiano charged Drang and spiked every damage roll.  Overall it was a good game, with only Sturm & Drang facing off vs Damiano and two Steelhead Rifles at the end of the game.

Game 2 was vs El Marshall.  He added Forgeguard to his list.  I had a pretty similar start, though a water feature was in my direct path to the zone, forcing me to split my force.  The Totem Hunter bounced in and out a couple times killing some Forgeguard until Ossrum got to him.  The Road Hog left the Basher on 4 and missed two of the Forgeguard he sprayed on the assault.  Disappointing.  Then a couple of Forgeguard and gunshot managed to kill him.  The War Hog later charged a Forgeguard and used overtake to get into the Driller and kill it.  The Basher slammed it, but it went so far he couldn’t follow up with the Forgeguard. The Battle Boar was disappointing as it did some damage to a Gunner, then died to two Forge Guard.  The Gun Boar managed to just about kill a Gunner in two shots, until the Basher slammed it away.  The end of the Game was a crippled Gunner and Ossrum vs an almost dead War Hog and quite hurt Gun Boar.  It ended when I couldn’t transfer damage from Ossrum due to blowback.  Another frustrating game, when I missed some very easy to hit rolls that would’ve helped.  Also, it is difficult to stay positive while your opponent tells you how well you’ve rolled all game…and you really haven’t.   I’ve come to the conclusion that my list is not that good vs the armies that added full units.

Game 3 was vs Joe Marshall (no relation to El Marshall) with Cygnar.  He had Maddox, Firefly, Hammersmith, and Stormblades with UA.  This time there was a house in my way to the zone, but I played that more defensively, getting a lot of obstruction/cover bonuses.  The War Hog cripple the Stormclad (despite taking off the buckler with the 2nd attack), only to have it head butt him and the Hammersmith finish him under Maddox’s feat.  The Stormblades lost some models to Road Hog spray, Totem Hunter and Gun Boar, but tough was working decently for them.  The charged in on the Road hog and Gun Boar, missing all of the assault shots (literally all of them, some due to cover).  The two on the Gun Boar went 50% and did some damage.  The three on the Road hog went 2/3 and left it alive after fire damage.  The Gun Boar tried to throw one Stormblade into the other, but the Stormblade won the strength roll. 😦  He then managed to make one tough with a POW11 punch.  The Battle Boar finished that one off and used overtake to back off a bit.  Drang (at this point) killed one Stormblade on the other side (took two attacks…tough) and healed the Road Hog and cast Primal on it.  The Road Hog finished off the two Stormblades on this side, and crippled the Firefly.  The Hammersmith charged the Gun Boar, but missed two attacks and then killed it with his first bought attack (with assist from the last Stormblade), but couldn’t get to the Battle Boar behind him.  The Stormclad played blocker for Maddox, while Firefly failed to do anything to the Road Hog.  I switched back to Sturm and TK’d the Hammersmith away and around.  I then followed up with a spray to kill the last Stormblade, prey swapped to the Stormclad, then to the Hammersmith after the Totem Hunter killed it.  The Road Hog had frenzied and killed the Firefly.  The Battle Boar ran in front of the Road Hog to contest the zone.  On his turn Joe tried a Hand Cannon shot to kill the Road hog, but I just used Vision to ignore the damage roll.  The followed up with an Electrical blast to kill the Road hog, but it missed and it did no damage after scattering.  The Hammersmith ran in front of the Battle Boar.  I switched back to Drang and positioned for next turn, casting Primal on both the Battle Boar and Road Hog.  The Battle Boar moved to the side, so he could only see the Hammersmith and Maddox, and did some damage.  The Road Hog pressed in and managed to wedge himself in a position where he could not see the Battle Boar or Drang due to his arcs and the house.  He the proceeded to finish off the Hammersmith.  Prey popped over to Maddox and the Totem Hunter charged her (still leaving her closer to the Battle Boar…for frenzy), doing 7 damage after he spend a focus to prevent 5 damage.  At this point Joe just shook, since it was getting late.  A better game, I feel like I need to think about my spells and doing more hit and run that I have been.  I probably could’ve done more with the Road Hog in melee with Sprint.

Overall, it was not a bad week.  My list doesn’t have the volume of attacks to deal with so much infantry, especially when they hit so hard.  Next week will be better, since I add a full unit of Brigands with UA.

Model thoughts:
Sturm and Drang:  I need to be less shy about swapping back and forth to take advantage of the situation.  I also need to put them in a position where the 2nd head can be more useful next turn.  Sturm has some seriously good spells that I need to use better.  I keep trying to be cute rather than efficient.

War Hog: Still hits like a truck.  I have to let him go in without Primal more.  Perhaps even use the Gun Boar to soften stuff up.

Road Hog.  SPRINT!  I need to remember it, so it’s not always a one way trip for him.

Gun Boar:  Decent.  I need to look at his animus more, but it’s expensive for a light beast to use.

Battle Boar:  I had one good game with him and I need to try and keep him around for late game more, so he can gobble up a bunch of infantry.

Totem Hunter:  He’s been pretty good.  He doesn’t have any staying power, but his hit and run is strong.  I was going to drop him, but I think I’ll keep him around.


That’s all for this week.  Tune in next week for more “normal” sized games (50 points).