Hello, Brushheads!  I’m back with my week 2 report from the local Journeyman League.  Slow week this time with only a couple people around on Wednesday, and limited time on Saturday.

To recap, I went 5-0 with Helga in week 1, but I felt she didn’t add enough to the force I had to keep her in.  I feel like she’d be fine when we approach 50 and 75 points, but she wasn’t what I wanted to play right now.  I swapped (our league allows one model/unit swap each week) to Sturm and Drang and added a Gun Boar.

Game 1 vs Ryan and his Cygnar.  He forgot about the model swap and just added a Charger, with left him with a pretty good force.  As I advanced, I put Vision on a Razorboar that led on one side and Polarity Shield on the War Hog on the other.  The War Hog ran to just far enough away that his Ironclad couldn’t walk and attack me.  As is Ryan’s tendency, he was very aggressive, trampling the Ironclad over to the War Hog to try and kill it.  He knocked it down with a crit and, with help from the Charger and Firefly, did good damage.  On the other flank, the Lancer charged the Razorboar with Vision and did no damage.  The other Razorboar counter-charged in the rear and missed.  I switched to Drang, primaled both the War Hog and Gun Boar.  The first Razorboar took out the Lancer’s shield, and the 2nd one chipped away a bit.  Then the Gun Boar charged and killed the heck out of it.  I had forced the War Hog to stand up and he killed the Ironclad with assist from the Battle Boar and then totally crippled the Firefly.  Ryan killed the War Hog, but was in a bad way, since he needed feat and his caster to do it.  I put the Battle Boar into her and did basically 2 points of damage.  He then went for Drang, who had finished off the Firefly.  He did some damange, but couldn’t get through my tansfers.  Drang boosted to hit and killed her in two attacks.  If I had remembered my Field Marshal abilities, it would’ve been a bit more lopsided, since I only stood the War Hog to get to the Firefly, too.  Overtake would’ve fixed that and let the Gun Boar move to a better facing for the frenzy next turn.  Also, shield guard would’ve let me take some early hits for the War Hog.  Still a good game overall.

Game 2 was vs El Marshall with his Rhulic force.  On my advice, he only added a Basher.  I had similar tactics and Marshall feated on the top of two to get into my stuff.  The Basher slammed and flak field to kill a Razor boar, while the Driller hurt the other one (Vision).  On my turn I looked at the board and thought I might be able to bulldoze charge and get to Ossrum.  I was musing about this out loud when Marshall calmly said “No Balls”.  So I went for it.  I was already a bit into my turn, having used the Gun Boar to throw a Gun Bunny out of the way for the bulldoze, when I realized that I can’t bulldoze Rhulic jacks.  I then switched it up and had the Razorboar take a free strike, leaving the Driller unengaged while the Battle Boar cast Primal on the War Hog.  I had Sturm TK both the Driller and the War Hog.  I charged Ossrum, boosted with the Gore and knocked him down…good game.

Recap: Sturm and Drang (despite being the worse caster in Minons according to the Minions PP forum) is super fun and a lot better in this environment.  He makes even the Razorboars a bit better, and I can see some use for them.

Changes:  I’m going to drop the Razorboars, so I can afford a Road Hog (which I have about an hour to finish assembling tonight) and add 6 points of other stuff.  Either  Swamp Gobbers and Maximus, or a Totem Hunter.


Until next time…RAHN!