Hello Brushheads!  Co-host John back with another battle report, again in short(er) form.

My opponent this time is PG Bewie, playing his Circle Orboros: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


He won the roll and chose to go first.   I had no idea what to do!  This doesn’t normally happen.  Deployment:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

His list: Kromac2, Storm Raptor, Feral Warpwolf, Purebloo Warpwolf, 2 Scarsfell Griffons, Druid Wilder, Ogrun Bokur, and Sentry Stone.

My deployment, no real thought, just putting it down and seeing how it goes:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Turn 1: Bewie has Kromac put awaken spirit on the Storm Raptor and vengeful on the Feral.  Otherwise he has a standard advance and run.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

On my turn 1, I actually changed up my upkeeps.  First I had Eiryss shoot the Storm Raptor, to strip the upkeep, but the Bokor takes the shot…actually as I planned.  I then put Bullet Dodger on Ossrum (worried about the Storm Raptor shooting him to death) and Snipe on the Siege Crawler (figuring I might get some early damage on the Storm Raptor.  I advance and run the rest of my army and clear a lane for the Battle Engine to advance and shoot.  I end up doing a ton of damage (half its total).

Turn 2: Bewie has Kromac feat and gets his Feral into my last gun bunny (see other battle reports about me getting stuff too close) and kill it and cores the 2nd one.  This, and the building, block the Storm Raptor from getting into combat.  The Pureblood manages to knock down Gudrun. A Scarsfell runs to engage Lanyssa.

On my turn 2, I feat and try and remove the Feral.  However, the Rockram’s assault shot misses and I leave the Feral alive. My other models remove the Scarsfell on my left and the Sentry Stone.  Gudrun just gets up and makes engages the Pureblood (forgetting Ghostly).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Turn 3: Bewie has the Pureblood go after Eiryss (and miss), while the Bokur tries to finish of Gudrun (and doesn’t).  On the other side the Feral and Scarsfell kill the Rockram and leave the gun bunny on a couple boxes.  (Sorry for the blurry pic)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My turn 3: My left flank elements move to get into the fight.  The Siege Crawler finishes off the Storm Raptor. Gudrun makes the Bokur tough.  The rest of my guns gets the Pureblood forward and does some good damage to it.  Eiryss charges it in the rear and helps out.  Ossrum leaves the wall, letting Reinholdt take the frenzy charge (which can’t succeed due to the wall) from the Scarsfell.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Turn 4: Bewie finishes off the contesting gun bunny.  Bokur kills Gudrun, while the Pureblood kills Eiryss and the gun bunny.  Bewie scores 1. (no picture)

My turn 4:  The Driller charges and kills the Pureblood.   The gun bunny there (blaster-spray) kills the Bokur.    The other Gun Bunny shoots the Feral and gets it to advance.  Then the Battle Engine charges it and does nothing.  Much sad. Hutchuk runs to get in the battle.  Reinholdt runs to contest the flag.  Thos gets in the way of the Scarsfell, just in case. 0-1

Turn 5: Bewie kills the Battle Engine with the Feral.  The Scarfell kills Thor.  Kromac and the Wilder try to kill Reinholdt and miss.  He dodges to barely in contest range. (Again no pic…i’m bad at this) 0-1

My turn 5, the Driller (with some Hunter’s Mark) kills the Feral.  Hutchuk charges Kromac in the rear to keep him honest (and score, I believe).  Ossrum advances to the flag and I start to score.  2-1OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Turn 6: Scarsfell kills Lanyssa, Kromac goes back to the flag and kills Hutchuk, and the Wilder fails to kill Reinholdt.  3-1OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My turn 6:  I just have the gun bunny base the flag and I win on scenario. 5-1

Final Thoughts:  I like the way my list works, but the performance of the Rockram does leave me worried.  If it misses the assault shot, it is not that good at killing med-high defense models.  I kinda got bogged down on my left, but that turned out ok.  If i’d used the Driller better, I might’ve been in a better position to kill he Pureblood.  Hyper-aggressive really makes things problematic for this list.  Overall, I enjoy this list, but I can see some changes coming (spoiler…these reports are not in order and the changes have been made already).

Until next time: RAHN!