Alright Brushheads, in an effort to get all my pending Battle Reports done before the start of the local Journeyman league, i’m going post them out of order and a bit more sparse on details.  Let me know how you like the format.

My opponent this time was epic Brushhead Brett Painter, playing his Cryx.


His list was Denny1, 2 Arc Nodes (Deathrippers, I assume), Nightmare, full Satyxis Raiders with UA, full Nyss Hunters, the Devil’s Shadow Mutineers, Satyxis Gunslingers, Mechi-thralls (with 3 Brute thralls), Machine Wraith, and Necrosurgeon.

I played my standard Ossrum list.  I won the roll (thanks Anastasia) and chose to go first.  Brett chose to swap sides.  Deployement was:

I spread out with the Battle Engine set to go through the forest closet to me.  Brett put the Satyxis across from the Battle Engine, since it would fare the worst vs them.

Turn 1: Standard upkeeps and advance/run.  He responds by cautiously running his units and getting an arc node close enough to spray Eiryss2.  It takes two, but he gets her.

I need to get better at positioning her where known threats like that can’t get to her.  She would’ve helped vs Satyxis with her potential 3 attacks, she’s bound to get one or two.

Turn 2:  I get a bit greedy and try to kill Nightmare even after I find out that Brute Thralls are shield guards.  I should’ve just taken my shots at the Satyxis and hoped for good dice (probably wouldn’t have happened, more on that later).  I spyglass Nightmare and end up doing some solid damage, but i’m about 1 point away from taking off systems.  My gun bunnies move to get in the way when they shoot.  I do end up getting the Arc Node on that side.  On the other side, things are going better.  I clear out a bunch of Nyss and the Arc Node. I did have to feat to get that far up, but I felt good about it overall.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

On his turn 2 Brett also feats and does a ton of work.  Killing both Gun Bunnies that are in Nighmare’s way.  Nighmare then kills the Battle Engine.  The Machine Wraith on the other side gets to the Rockram and makes it turn around and lose one armor.  The Nyss charge and do a ton of damage to it (with two in a row rolling 20s on 4 dice), taking off both arms. Luckily the Satyxis ended partially out of the zone, or he would’ve started scoring. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Turn 3:  I’m in a bad way and i’m only halfway through Denny’s feat.  I do manage to do a ton of work, with Gorman killing several Satyxis, the Rockram headbutting one more Nyss(shouldn’t have been able to do that, but Brett and I didnt’ catch it).  The Driller threw one model at another and killed both.  I did end up clearing out the zone and scoring 2.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

On his turn 3 Brett manages to kill Gorman and the Gun Bunny contesting that zone.  In the middle, he knocks down Gudrun, but doesn’t kill him, and kills a gun bunny. He also manages to kill both Thor and Reinholdt with reasonably lucky shots.  On the other zone, he kills the Rockramn, but that’s about it. Brett scores 1 this turn.  (Sorry, I was so flustered that I forgot a picture…trust me it was grim).

Turn 4:  My lack  of numbers is starting to hurt me.  I manage to kill Nighmare, but it take two shots (the first doing 0 damage).  Gudrun runs the table on all the models he’s engaged with.  Ossrum and the Driller do what they can, but the tide of Mechanithralls is probably going to be more than they can handle.  Brett scores his 2nd point.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

On his turn 4, Brett keeps the Satyxis to score the zone (and goes to 3 at the end of the turn).  He gets his Mechnithralls all over the place the the one remaining Nyss manages to take off on of the Driller’s arms.

Turn 5:  I feel like I still have an chip and a chair, but my dice disagree.  Gudrun charges into the middle of the Satyxis and misses.  If i’d killed one, it would’ve been a game, but now it’s just a matter of time.  In the other zone, the Driller misses a boosted 8 to miss the Nyss and I shake.  Game is over.  I needed to start digging into the Mechanithralls or there was no way I had a chance.

Final Thoughts:  This game showed off some problems with my list.  With so few models a couple of damage spikes really hurt.  Plus I don’t have enough anti-infantry to hang with an infantry swarm.  My dice did not help me win.  There were a couple turns where they were missing average rolls quite a bit and it hurt.  Brett played a great game, though I feel he’d need to play faster in a timed event.  I feel i would’ve had just enough to win on time.  Or he’d have to take some desperate gambles that could work in my favor.  Overall, though it was frustrating as heck (Denny1’s feat is so good, possibly too good), it was a good game to learn what the list can do better.


Until next time…Rahn!