Yes, I know I’m behind on these.  I will try and do better, brushheads.  On to the battle report.  This was about one month ago, so memory is a bit hazy, but I remember the key parts.

My army: Standard Ossrum list.  No changes yet.  (Ossrum, 4 Grundback Gunners, Grunback Blaster, Wrougthammer Rockram, Ghordson Driller, Hammerfall Siege Crawler, Hutchuck, Gudrun, Thor, Gobber Tinker, Lanyssa Ryssyl, and Eiryss2)

My opponent was a newer player, and new to the area, Ryan (he declined to have his picture taken, so I took one of myself!)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

His army consisted of Stryker2, Ol’ Rowdy, Stormclad, Lancer, Squire, full Storm Lances, min Trenchers, Major Harrison Gibbs, Lynus and Edrea, Taryn di la Rovissi, Rhupert, and one of the new Gun Mage Riflemen.

Our scenario was the Pit and terrain was set up as pictured below:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I won the roll and chose to go first.  Ryan chose the side he was standing on.  Deployment below.

I put the battle engine on that side since it has pathfinder all the time.

Turn 1: Ossrum cast Fire For Effect on the Siege Crawler and Bullet Dodger on Gudrun.  The army pretty much just advanced and ran forward.   Gudrun took the trench (DEF 19 vs shooting is good), Eiryss took the wall (DEF 20 vs shooting is better) and Lanyssa took the forest for Prowl.  Hutchuck chilled off board.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Ryan had Stryker put up Deceleration and everything ran and advanced.  Except Rhupert, he gave the Storm Lances tough.  He couldn’t quite get any attacks on Gudrun this turn.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Turn 2: Well, since Ryan ran forward into my threat, I decided to go all out.  I gave the Rockram two more focus and prepared for feat turn. I did make a mental error in forgetting about Lanyssa until I’d already activated Eiryss and shot the Stormclad.  But at that point I hit the Stormclad with Hunters mark.  Ossrum feated, cast energizer and ended up behind the wall.  The Siege Crawler charged, killing a Storm Lance, then took its shots.  The first one (boosted), hit Lynus and killed him, Gibbs, Edrea and left Taryn on 2 boxes.  I took a flyer shot on Ol’ Rowdy and didn’t crit.  The little guns killed a trencher or two.  The Driller charged a Storm Lance and missed.  Between Gudrun and the Gun Bunnies, I killed two more of the touch Storm Lances.  Thor tuned up the Rockram and assaulted it, killing the heck out of it with one focus left.  Hutchuk chilled off board.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

On his turn Ryan did what he could. Unfortunately, the armor boost made most of his attacks ineffective.  He did disrupt and knocked down the Rockram, but it didn’t take much damage at all.  The Siege Crawler took a couple points of damage between the Trencher CRA and Storm Lance attack.  The Storm Lance on Gudurn missed.  Finally the rifleman missed Eiryss by 1 or 2.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Turn 3:   The Siege Crawler killed a Storm Lance and finished off the Trencher and killed the Squire.  Gudrun killed the last Storm Lance.  Ossrum moved over to get the Driller and bunny back in his control area.  He cast energizer for some movement and Unstoppable Force to move some stuff around.  The gun bunnies shot at Stryker, while Hutchuck charged the Lancer in the rear(assist from Rockram for bulldoze into range) for good damage. The Driller ambled up to the flag to stake a claim.  I end the turn up 1-0 and him with only 4 models left.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

On his turn 3 Ryan had Stryker and Rowdy kill the Rockram and contest the zone.  The Lancer tried to charge in and free up Rowdy, but Hutchuk hit with a free strike and crippled movement.  The rifleman kills Thor.  We end the turn me up 2-0.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Turn 4:  At this point I realize that I can win, so I just cast Unstoppable Force and energizer for position, with Ossrum in the zone.  I had bunnies successively bulldoze Stryker and Rowdy to both be out of the zone and end my turn for 5-0.


Thoughts:  Ryan learned a hard lesson about running forward without thinking.  Even with this, Stryker2 is terrifying.   You can’t let him get too close or he will end you.  All parts of my army worked decently.  With Gudrun and Hutchuck surviving a battle, which is rare.  The Siege Crawler showed off why it’s not completely overpriced.  Still not sure it’s worth the points, but it’s fun.


That’s it for this time, Brushheads.  I’ll try and get caught up on battle reports before the Journeyman starts in February, so I can cover that as it happens.

Until next time…RAHN!