So now that I have your attention, I want to be clear this is not just a boast. Look at this as a follow up to my discussion on theme lists as seen elsewhere on this blog (and In that article, I put forth two lists that I feel show off the Protectorate’s theme lists turned up to 11. The first was Amon and the second was Thyra. I had the opportunity to play the Thyra list last night, and I am here to tell you…it’s a monster.

What is the list…

To remind you, the list is:

Thyra, Vanquisher, Dervish (x2), Vassal (x2), Pyrrhus, Flame Bringers (Full), Daughters, Daughters, TFG (10) + UA, Cleansers (10) + UA, Choir (4)

Since this is played in theme, you get the TFG and Cleansers UAs for free along with Pyrrhus for free…that’s 13 pts of awesome…

What the list does REALLY well…Power Projection

The USA has a lot of aircraft carriers because they do something that other ships cannot do…they can project power. They have the ability to bring air power to areas that are too remote to operate fighters or fighter / bombers to effectively attack. Thyra’s list does the same.

Flame Bringers and Daughters are scary fast. Speed 9 and 7 respectively. They can operate with little support. Anatomical Precision means that armor isn’t an issue in the preferred match ups with single wound infantry. Flame Bringers bring a speed to Protectorate that you just don’t get with most of their troops and jacks…and Thyra just makes them better.

Thyra brings Occultation into a list that is already Stealth heavy. In this list, she can choose to putt Occultation up on the Flame Bringers to help deliver them against gun heavy lists. Daughters and Thyra have it built in..and so long a majority of those guns are not magic…your Jacks are going to have a decent chance of delivering under Passage. (Always chant no shooty on the way in if you can…unless it’s Cryx…then…No Spelly of course).

Her feat allowing everyone in her control bubble to apparate and then Charge means Daughters threat 12.5″ and Flame Bringers threat 14.5″ and get side steps. Folks…that is terrifying especially when one of those two units of Daughters just ambushed from behind.

Thyra combines the ability to deliver her army along with helping it hit when it gets there. Her speed 7 with acrobatics means she can get her Carnage into places it can do lots of work while still remaining fairly safe with her Stealth. It’s impressive to watch.

What it doesn’t do…

The list doesn’t hit super hard and Silence of Death is the only P+S buff. It’s really good on the Flame Bringers or the TFG for that matter, but you are NOT going to break high ARM in this list. It needs to use Acrobatics and maneuverability against those lists.

Ideally in match ups like that, you would be using the TFG as a road block in order to let the Flame Bringers and Daughters to penetrate to the caster. In this case…reserving the Daughters for later game is advisable since they will play hard into your assassination run during either the feat turn or some time near that.

In Conclusion…

For me, Amon and Thyra are about as fun as it gets in PoM right now. They play a really open style with great mobility…but with such different approaches! I really thing one of the triumph’s of Mk3 is that you can play Jack and infantry lists to such good effect with casters you might not have thought about in the earlier edition.

Do you have different opinions? Let me know in the comments below…and as always..RAHN!!!