Hello Brushheads!  Here’s another, older battle report from the day after Christmas (don’t judge me).

I played my standard Ossrum list (minus the Tinker…damn errata) and my opponent was epic Brushhead Brett Painter!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

He was playing Malekus, the Burning Truth.  His list had two Reckoners, a Vanquisher, a Revenger, max Temple Flameguard with UA, max Cleansers with UA, Nicia, Phyrrus, Wracks, Choir and (IIRC) a Heirophant.

Mission was recon and terrain was set up:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I won the roll to go first and deployed as pictured.

Again I put the Battle Engine on a certain side to get through the terrain there.

Brett deployed as pictured.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Turn 1: Fire for Effect on the Battle Engine, Bullet Dodger on Gudrun.  Advance and run for army.  Not too much to it.  Eiryss took the hill for extra defense.  Feat makes the water in front of the Driller not too much to worry about.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Brett also advances and puts some Flameguard quite forward to prevent me from boxing him out of the zone.  Nicia takes the trench, but he puts Cleansers too close (more on that later).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Turn 2:  I really want to kill Nicia, and I’m totally forgetting the trench effect, so I come up with a great plan to kill her with blast damage from the Siege Crawler.  Gudrun moves from the forest to the wall.  The Siege Crawler moves forward and shoots the Cleanser near her.  A Crit!  Finally, 3-4 games in and I get a crit with the Siege engine.  No initial attacks for Nicia, and both cleansers die.  The 2nd big gun hits a Flameguard deep in and also crits!  It kills just about all the Flameguard it hits and barely hurts Phyrrus, though no attacks for him either.  The rest of my turn is a bunch of shots killing a bunch of Flamegaurd  and positioning for next turn.  As I couldn’t get much bonus from the movement part of my feat, I chose not to.

On his turn 2, Brett decided to use his feat.  Overall, despite managing to set a bunch of stuff on fire, he mostly just killed the Battle Engine and Gudrun’s first set of wounds, but in doing so, he had put Malekus quite a bit out there, though he is camping 4ish.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Turn 3:  I decide that I’m going to feat and get the Rockram into Malekus.  I cast Energizer, Unstoppable Force, and pop my feat.  I manage to kill or Bulldoze all the models out of the way for the Rockram.  Thor tunes up the Rockrman and  it assaults.  The shot hits, knocking Malekus down and I manage to kill him, despite his focus.

Last thoughts:  A quick game that shows off the assassination potential of knockdown, it has made me think of getting an Avalancher in the list.  The Siege Crawler did finally crit and it was useful.  While fun, I’m not sure it’s totally worth the points.  Luckily more testing is coming.

See  you next time!  RAHN!