Hello Brushheads, I’m back with a significantly more recent Battle Report…this time with a new caster: Ossrum!

After the lackluster performance of several parts of the Gorten list (Herne and Jonne, TAC and, to a lesser extent, Gorten), I decided to swap him out for Ossrum.  Also, I wanted to use the merc Battle Engine and it works better with Ossrum.

Here’s my list: Ossrum, Reinholdt, 4 Gunners, 1 Blaster, Driller, Rockram, Hammerfall Siege Crawler, Hutchuck, Thor, Gobber Tinker, Eiryss2, and Gudrun the Wanderer.  I’ll review how they did at the end.

My opponent (no surprise) was PG_Bewie:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

He’s playing his newest version of Una2: Una2, Wilder, 3 Scarsfell Griffons, 2 Razorwing Griffons, Pureblood Warpwolf, Gorax, double Sentry Stones, Lanyssa, Wrong Eye and Snapjaw, one Gallows Grove, Swamp Gobbers, Blackclad Wayfarer, and Shifting Stones.

Scenario was Entrenched, and (shockingly) I won the roll and chose to go first.  Terrain:


Turn 1: Ossrum advanced and put Bullet Dodger on Gudrun and Fire For Effect on the Siege Crawler.  Everything else ran, with Gudrun staying on the hill for the bonus defense.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

As you can see I left one of my bunnies out of control range, which hurt me a little later.

On his turn Bewie had one of his Griffons kill a Mantikin to get range to spray Gudurn.  He ended up missing and Gudrun dodged forward to get charge range on the Sentry stone.  The rest of his stuff just advanced and ran.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Turn 2: Ossrum moved to get everything in control, then feated.  It’s a rookie mistake I have to get better at.  If I’d kept stuff in control, I could’ve feated first and had the extra movement, which would’ve helped me shoot more stuff.  Ossrum also put Snipe on the Rockram.  Reinholdt used spyglass on one of the Griffons.  Thor tuned up the Rockram and it assualted a griffon and missed.  That pretty much cost me a shot at killing that Griffon this turn.  The Battle Engine charged a Mantikin and shot the Sentry stone with the boosted shot from FFE, which killed it.  I then trhew some more shots around for minor damage.  A Gunner shot the one Mantikin in Gudrun’s way, and he charged and killed the Sentry Stone.  His berserk attack did some damage to the Pureblood.  I shot a bunch more, leaving one Griffon in bad shape and the rest ok.  Hutchuk decided to hang back.  Hindsight, he should’ve come in on my left and charged that one Griffon in the back, he could’ve ended it.  Oh well.  As you can see I’m still quite a bit up the field and putting some pressure on him, though I left a couple bunnies out side of my control area.  I should’ve taken different shots and stayed in control, but it stems from my first turn error.

On his Turn 2 Bewie decided to feat and jam Ossrum.  It worked.  The Pureblood charged and managed to kill Gudrun (which I expected).  Snapjaw popped over the wall to actually threaten things.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Turn 3: Luckily, I had planned for this.  I started with Thor who aimed and shot two Griffons, doing some decent damage.  Ossrum casts unstoppable force and Bulldozes all three griffons away from him.  One ended up next to Thor, which was ok with me.  I ended up out of it’s reach and behind it.  Rockram and a couple Gunner back off and, with an assist from Lanyssa, manage to kill two Griffons.  The Driller moves back and engages one Griffon at max reach, so he can’t easily go after Ossrum.  The Battle Engine kills a stone, Hutchuk shows up late and kills the Gallows Grove.  The Blaster moves up and gets a good spray, but only kills the Wilder due to Starcrossed.

On his Turn 3, Bewie sends the Pureblood to kill a Gunner, while the Gorax kills the Blaster.  Wrong Eye moves up and casts Starcrossed, while Snapjaw charges (and kills) Eiryss2 and spends the rest of his fury hitting the Siege Crawler (leaving it on 6).  The Swamp Gobbers get between the Seige Crawler and Una2.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Turn 4:  I noticed that I could get range for the Rockram to shoot Una2 (with Snipe) and I could just end the game.  Ossrum put one additional focus on it, cast Snipe on it and Unstoppable force.  He then just hit the on griffon in the head.  The Rockram advanced, easily getting range to Una2 and staying out of Starcrossed.  I took the shot and got the 14 I needed to hit her.  I left her on 5 damage boxes.  Next up the Siege Crawler charged Wrong Eye, bulldozing Snapjaw out of the way. I did manage to hit him, but left him on 3 or 4 boxes.  That wasn’t the goal, though.  I put the boosted gun shot into a knocked down Una and hit easily, killing her.

On to some thoughts on the new models I put in.

Ossrum worked as expected and is quite good.  1 focus may not seem like much, but damn it helps.  I may try this match-up without Reinholdt some day, as Sylys is quite good with that many upkeeps and Stranglehold.  His upkeeps help most of my force.  Hutchuk could actually deploy and get good use from FFE if I don’t want to put it on the Battle Engine.

Eiryss2 was not really a factor, though she probably kept the Battle engine alive by just threatening to be in the backfield.

Hammerfall Siege Crawler worked well, pretty much as expected and can do some damage with the correct support.  A Rockram or Avalancher (or even Buccaneer) makes the non-boosted guns so much better.  RAT6 is just accurate enough for it to work and Dual attack lets it do some work.

Gudrun:  I put him in the list thinking he’d be great with Ossrum’s feat…but he’s not Rhulic and gets no bonus.  I do think he’s got some use with Bullet Dodger.  DEF15 almost requires boosts and Dodge can get him in some great places and makes an opponent pay for a bad dice roll.  Sure foot might be better on him, but that’s for Damiano.  I’ll continue to play with him even though he’s not Rhulic.

Gobber Tinker:  He repairs.  I don’t expect much from 2 points.


There you go, Brushheads!