Hey Brushheads, i’m finally catching up on battle reports!  Here’s a month old one that you may have heard about on the pre-ramble, but I figured I’d still put the pictures and full report out.  Note that since this one is so old, my memory of specifics is kinda hazy.

I was playing my modified Gorten list: Gorten, Reinholdt (still proxied by Sylys), 4 Gunners, 1 Blaster, Rockram, Driller, Herne & Jonne, Tactical Arcanist Corps, Rhupert, Kayazy with Underboss, Hutchuck, Thor, and Lanyssa.

PG_Bewie had altered his Una2 list a bit.  He went with Una2, Wilder, Warpwolf Stalker, 3 Scarsfell Griffons, 2 Razorwing Griffons, Gorax, double Sentry Stone, Lanyssa, Tharn Blood Pack.

Scenario was Take and Hold and I won the roll, so I chose to go first and deny him the ability to run to threaten early.

Terrain and deployment:

I find that it is really difficult to deploy the Kayazy and jacks where they can be in my Control Area, so I just let them go off on the flank.  I has given me some food for thought on this list.

Turn 1:  Unshockingly we both run:

Though Bewie does manage to kill two of the TAC, one Kayazy and the Underboss by killing his own Mantikins an respawning them forward to spray.  Boy, I can’t wait for the Errata.

Turn 2:  I have Hutchuck charge a Griffon in the back and hit it for good damage.  Reinholdt uses Spyglass to remove stealth from one of the Sentry Stones and I kill it.  I also kill all the Mantikins from the other.  Kayazy jam up his lines.  Herne and Jonne fire a perfect shot that manages to not kill the Wilder or Lanyssa.  These guys are probably not long for my lists, they have been underwhelming.

On his turn 2, Bewie feats, kills a bunch of my Kazazy and jams my line of jacks.  The Gorax kills Hutchuk.  One griffon kills Lanyssa.  He does a good job getting engagement on all of them and getting on behind them.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Turn 3:  Gorten moves over and feats, clearing the front of my lines.  He then shoots the Razorwing that got past my lines twice and kills it, though it left him empty on focus.  With my line free, I’m clear to decimate his Griffons, which I do.  The remaining Kayazy do a good job thinning out the Blood Pack.  I end in decent position.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

On his turn Bewie realizes that his only option is assassination, so he goes into the tank to work it out.  He does manage to get Lanyssa to a point where she can hit Gorten with Hunter’s Mark and (after several shots) he manages to clear Reinholdt.  The Stalker charges and manages to kill Gorten exactly.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Not the ending I wanted, but it was my fault.  I could’ve moved Gorten more forwatd to feat and catch the Stalker, which would’ve let him unable to charge.  It would’ve caused my jacks to take free strikes when getting away from the one Griffon, but I don’t think that would’ve been too bad.  I also didn’t run the Driller as far forward as I could’ve (trying to avoid terrain), I could’ve put him all the way up and blocked the lane completely.

Oh well, still a good game and it gave me a bunch of insight into what I may want to play.

Next time, a game from only two weeks ago!

Until then, RAHN!