Hey Brushheads, a bit of a different article this time: a quick recap of the local tournament circuit (Baltimore Brawl) last chance qualifier!  You will not see any pictures of me playing, since I was running it, but I did take pictures of just about every matchup and the tables.

Here are the tables, set up by special guest terrain placer TheJason:

As you can see, he did some interesting terrain placement that made for some legitimate advantages to choosing sides.

We had 8 players: 4 Khador, 1 Retribution, 1 Protectorate, 1 Circle, and 1 Cryx.

Round 1:

Cryx vs Circle (Terminus vs Wurmwood), Retribution vs Khador, Protectorate vs Khador, Khador vs Khador (Salty Frank: Harkevich vs Forsaken Poptart: Karchev).

Results: Cyrx Win, Retribution Win, Protectorate Win, Khador (Harkevich) win.

Oh, and who said that infantry spam is dead?  Terminus with double Bane Knights, double Carrion Thralls, Max Steelheads, minimum Mechani-thralls.

Round2: Cryx vs Retribution (Terminus vs Kaelyssa), Protectorate vs Khador, Circle (Una2) vs Khador, Khador vs Khador (Max vs Forsaken Poptart).

Results: Cryx win, Protectorate win, Khador (Max) win, Circle win (both these players dropped).

Oh, and take a look at this Terminus feat turn:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Round 3:

Cryx (Witch Coven) vs Protectorate (Kreoss3), Khador (Forsaken Poptart) vs Retribution (Rahn), Khador (Salty Frank: Zerkova1) vs Khador (Max: Butcher3).

Results: Protectorate win, Khador (Forsaken Poptart) win, Khador (Max: Butcher3) win.

There you go.  Not as in depth as I’d like, but some cool pictures to look at.

Final results:

  1. Protectorate (and entry into the Baltimore Brawl finals)
  2. Cryx
  3. Khador (Max)
  4. Khador (Salty Frank)
  5. Retribution
  6. Khador (Forsaken Poptart)

I don’t rank people who drop, it keeps it cleaner.  There you go.  Khador is getting lots of play, but is not unstoppable…CONFIRMED!!!

And here’s a bonus picture from one of the 40k Players:


I really dig her paint scheme…I may have to steal it for Retribution. 😀



Until next time, RAHN!