Hello Brushheads, another battle report here for you.  This time I decided to drop my current pair for Cyphon…Gorten!  Since our local Warmachine/Hordes scene has dried up a bit, my opponent was PG_Bewie.


He decided he want to try out his first Una2 list: Una2, Druid Wilder, Lanyssa, Swamp Gobbers, double Sentry Stones, Shifting Stones, Tharn Wolf Riders, Gorax, Pureblood, and 5 Scarsfell Griffons.  My Gorten list, for those of you who don’t know: Gorten, Reinholdt, Driller, Rockram, Blaster, Gunner x4, Kayazy Assassins with Underboss, Tactical Arcanist Corp, Herne and Jonne, Lanyssa, Thor, Rhupert, and Hutchuck.  Reinholdt is a change that stemmed directly from Una.  Spyglass makes stealth bests/solos sad when Gunners are around, as you will see.  Our scenario was Extraction and the table looked like this:

I won the roll and decided to go first, since I couldn’t let the Griffons get too far up the board uncontested.  Bewie decided to swap sides and take the side with the trench.  My set up was such:


My initial plan was to just run as far up as I could and get position to spyglass and shoot one Sentry Stone and, maybe, get a shot on the other with a move and shoot.  So, Strength of Granite went on the Rockram and Gorten advanced.  The rest of the army ran, with the TAC taking the ruined building thanks to pathfinder from Rhupert who ran across the backfield to help the Kayazy next turn.  The Kayazy tempted some assault shots from the Wolf Riders, hoping to get some melee next turn.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Bewie responded with some very aggressive running from his Griffons.  Hand of Fate went on the Wolf Riders, who showed some thought that perhaps Hutchuck was gunning for them, and Mirage went on the Pureblood, who ended up being fair trapped in place after everything moved.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

On my turn 2, I changed my plans.  The Sentry Stones were just not threatening enough to waste shots on, I had to go for some Griffons.  Everything ended up just out of advance and shoot from within 5″ range, so I had to Spyglass to enable shots on one of the Griffons.  I did so, and hit for rather weak damage with my first 3 Gunner, while the 4th missed.  I had to assault with the Rockram (with Thor’s tune up) and ended up killing it.  I was worried due to potential threat from the Pureblood (but he ended up being short, partially due to poor positioning last turn).  Herne and Jonne fired into the lines but, due to my poor positioning due to misreading their card, they couldn’t directly hit anything  and ended up just killing one Mantkin.  The Blaster advanced and manged to kill two Mantkins and hurt another Griffon.  One the flank, Hutchuck decided to take the Wolf Riders on.  Lanyssa started it off with an Ice Bolt that hurt, but didn’t kill, one of the Wolf Riders.  Hutchuck threw a grenade for little effect and then charged, killing one of the Wolf Riders.  The Kayazy got tough from Rhupert and ran to engage the rest of the Wolf Riders.  Gorten finished it off by getting in Kill Box and creating a fort to prevent Griffons from running and doing something foolish like surrounding him.

On Bewie’s turn 2 he decided to kill a ton of Infantry, which he did.  Wolf Riders did good job of killing Hutchuck and Kayazy (though many toughed) due to Hand of Fate.  Una followed up by swapping Hand of Fate to a Sentry Stone unit, put Primal on a Griffon, and hiding in the trench with cloud cover from Fuel Cache and Swamp Gobbers.  The Sentry Stone ended up killing a bunch of the toughed Kayazy, leaving me with five.  On the other side the Griffons advanced and the Mantkins sprayed TAC, killing one (this stone was unlucky, only getting one fury a turn).  In the center, Lanyssa advanced and hit the Gunner with Hunter’s Mark, while a Griffon flew in and killed another Kayazy and sprinted next to the Blaster.  The primaled Griffon charged the Blaster and managed to kill it, but couldn’t sprint as Una was too far away.

(Aside:  I forgot to take pictures of the rest of the game, due to me being focused on the game and out of practice.  I will do better in the future).

Gorten turn 3:  I didn’t want to feat, so I had to kill as much as possible without giving up too much.  On the right flank, the Kayazy and Lanyssa finished off all but one ofthe Wolf Riders.  This left one of the forward Griffons unengaged, so Reinholdt used Spyglass on him.  Gorten moved that direction a bit and shot at him with Both Barrels…missing, even with a boost.  The Rockram, with a full stack of focus wandered fully into the primaled Griffon’s back arc and easily ended him in two hits.  I hear POW22 does that to ARM14.  The Gunners managed to kill the spyglassed Griffon with one to spare, so it killed the last Wolf Rider.  The Driller ran to back up the Rockram, since the Pureblood was out of his jam and I could tell he was coming.  On the other side, I had TAC shoot what they could, but they, and Herne and Jonne, did not do much.  Thor had moved forward to spray a Griffon, but didn’t hit.  He need to get near the action, but ended up too close.  Rhupert moved to try and meet the Kayazy on the other side of the forest.

Una turn 3:  Bewie decided it was feat turn, so he did, scooting Una fully into the cloud (and trench) and put Primal on the Pureblood.  The Sentry stone with Hand of Fate killed Rhupert, Thor, Lanyssa, and two Kayazy (one being the underboss).  The other Sentry stone unit killed one of the TAC, while the Griffons on that side finished them off and killed Herne and Jonne.  His Lanyssa scooted forward and put Hunters Mark on the Rockram, allowing the Pureblood to warp for strength and charge (without he would’ve had to use Ghostly to make it over the water).  The Pureblood went and did moderate damage (pretty much one hit to each column, crippling nothing).

Gorten Turn 4:  It was feat time.  I had Reinholdt go first and Spyglass the further Griffon.  Gorten advanced to the left and feated dragging the Pureblood fully into the Rockram (with a full stack of focus), and pulling the Griffons (and one Mantkin) closer to my edge.  He then hit the further one with Both Barrels, crippling it’s spirit.  My Gunners then activated and killed that one and the other Griffon on that side.  The Rockram easily killed the Pureblood and Bewie conceded before the Driller activated. At this point he had some Boosted POW10s and perhaps a primaed Gorax (who was way out of position) as his only offence.  He knew it was only a matter of me mopping up.

The addition of Reinholdt for Sylys made all the difference and I like the core of this list.  I’m not entirely sold on my solo/infantry support, but they did their job and made him spend a lot of time killing them.  I feel like this list could even be good with Ossrum, becoming a bit more tanky rather than control, due to feats.  His spell list can definitely support the army better than Gorten but, as long as my pair is Cyphon rather than Thexus, Gorten is a better call.

Una2 can be scary with threat range and Griffons that can’t be attacked in melee, but a good plan can help mitigate that and keep you in the game.


Next time: the halfway report for my Caster Challenge.

Until then…RAHN!