Hello, Brushheads I’m back with another caster challenge battle report.  This is my 5th game with Cyphon, which means that a half-way report is sure to follow and I can tweak my list if I want.

This game was against PG_Bewie and his Circle Oroboros army.  He’s been altering his pair, but decided to try a new Grayle list for this game.

He had Grayle, Druid Wilder, Warpwolf Stalker, Feral Warpwolf, Riphorn Satyr, max unit of Skinwalkers, Wolf Lord Morraig, three War Wolves, 2 Reeve Hunters and a unit of Tharn Bloodweavers.

I played my standard Cyphon list.

Bewie wanted to use his flat terrain again, since he had a plain gray table that makes models and terrain slide a bit.  While I prefer actual terrain while playing at the shop, this is not a bad idea if your table is extra slick.


Scenario was incursion and I won the roll.  Since that building on the right of the picture blocked access to the flag a bit, I decided to take the side I was on.

As you can see, I ambushed my unit of Mind Slavers and Drudges and otherwise just set up a line to counter his units.  Minimum unit of Bender and Drudges to face off against Bloodweavers.  I figured on having the ambush unit come on behind them, too.  There’s not too much I can do deployment-wise, I have to form a pretty long line with that much infantry.

Turn 1, Bewie ran up, and I countered by running up, but not all the way.  In case of threat ranges.  I know I can pre-measure them, but I generally don’t, to save time.  Upkeep wise, he put Death March on the Skinwalkers and Storm Rager on Morraig.  I put Perseverance on the hammer dwarves, Blur on the large unit of Bender and Drudges and Onslaught on myself.

Turn 2, I forgot a picture after Bewies turn, but he mostly ran up, trying to stay out of threat with key pieces, and tempt me into charging his Skin Walkers.  His Reeve Hunter on my right killed two drudges.  On my turn, I pretty much went all in.  Aiyanna and Holt advanced, got harm on the lead Skinwalker, who was blocking a bit for models behind him, and Holt killed him in two shots.  The hammer dwarves charged everything.  Several went in on Skin Walkers(I got three in, two on one and one on another), one on each Reeve hunter, one on a Blood Weaver, and one on the Stalker.  I slammed the first Skinwalker into the one behind it, killing one and doing half to the next.  I ended up killing the 2nd Skinwalker.  I slammed the Reeve Hunter into Grayle, but no damage on Grayle.  I missed the 2nd Reeve Hunter and Blood Weaver, but I hit the Stalker for all but 1 in his body.  I had the Overlords base the flag and kill one War Wolf (it took all 3, or I would’ve tried for the Riphorn with Wolf behind it).  At this point I decided to pop my feat and go all in.  The agitators advanced into good position and instigated.   The Wrecker on my right advanced and killed 3/4 of the Blood Weaver he had in melee.  The drudges on that side got one more and left him with two. Back at the main event, the Subduer advanced and boosted a Net shot on the Feral, hitting and dragging it to its death.  I had put too much focus on the 2nd Wrecker, as it only it the initial attacks to finish it after the Subduer hit it twice.  Luckily focus on Monstrosities doesn’t go away until they lose their brain or spend it.  The max unit of Bender and Drudges ran between the Riphorn and my two monstrosities.  I ended the turn and went up 1-0, due to the flag on the left.


Turn 3: Bewie was on his back foot and had plans to trample the Staker over hammer dwarves to kill their dominator.  Unfortunately, the Skin Walkers couldn’t kill any of the hammer dwarves they hit. ARM 20 is still a thing.  The Stalker warped Strength and cleared out a fair amount of hammer dwarves and then sprinted away.  The remaining Blood Weavers charged and killed on drudge.  The reeve hunter managed to kill his hammer dwarf and shoot another, which gave the War Wolf a charge.  Morraig followed him in and killed two more.  Earlier in the turn, Grayle had feated and charged the Bender and Drudges, killing two and sprinting away.  He did some subtle repositions will all the kills he made, but none were devastating, due to the obnoxious hammer dwarves in the middle of the board.  The Riphorn charged the Subduer and killed it’s brain in two hits (so much for my focus gaining mechanic), but left it on 1/3 boxes.  He did manage to contest the flag.


On my turn three, I brought in my ambush unit to hopefully take the left flag.  They easily managed to kill the one Bloodweaver, leaving only the last one in the unit and Reeve Hunter to clear.  Trying to kill Morraig, I had Aiyanna and holt Walk into him, she got off harm and he did some damage with his pistols.  I then realized that Dominators have seduction.  I used the hammer dwarf dominator to have him go attack the Skinwalker UA, he missed.  I then had a hammer dwarf hit him in the but, but couldn’t even dismount him.  the other hammer dwarves killed the last Bloodweaver and a Skin Walker.  The agitator on that side advanced and instigated.  The Wrecker wandered over and threshered, killing the Reeve hunter and the War Wolf.  On the other side, the other Wrecker killed the Riphorn.  The Subduer just stood up and chilled.  The Bender and drudges killed the war wolf, clearing the flag.  The Overlords chilled at the flag.  Cyphon chose the better part of valor and just moved away, healing the Subduer for 3.  I ended the turn 3-0.


Turn 4:  Bewie decided to go all in and had Grayle advance, kill a hammer dwarf and Gallows Cyphon to be in walk and attack threat for Morraig, he did 5 damage after armor with Gallows, but I kept the focus.  The skin walkers got to advance through Morraig and kill the dominator for the final hammer dwarf (who had toughed right before that).  Morraig walked in and did no damage between the two attacks.  He could only contest one flag, so we just called it as I would easily win on assassination or scenario next turn.


Getting kinda long winded, so I’ll just save my comments for the half-way wrap-up post.

Until, then…RAHN!