Hello Brushheads!  This is just a companion article to go along with Co-Host Corner 12, with pictures from the store we played at, Redcaps Corner.  You can fin Co-host Corner 12 here: https://pwmenothjohn.com/2016/10/28/co-host-corner-ep-12-caster-challenge-bat-reps-feat-cognifex-cyphon/

And now, to the pics!  The storefront.  Very nice, perhaps too nice for the neighbor hood.


And here’s the lower level of the store.  That’s right, they’ve got two floors!  Pretty good selection of games, too!

I didn’t take great pictures of the downstairs gaming area, but it was enough for 13+ gaming tables.

The upstairs is pretty nice, too.  They were just using folding tables, but that’s not bad as they give a game store great flexibility.

A bit of the terrain.  It wasn’t the best, but perfectly serviceable.

And finally, our opponents from round three: Team Out of Bubblegum!


Atillio, Trisha, and Pete.  It’s great to see a family being able to get good gaming time together!


That’s it for now.  I’ll try to take more pictures next time I go to an event!