Hey Brushheads…

Before I go and post the episode…I want to say thanks. I could not have expected JohnCon 2016 to have been as well received as it was. Here is the skinny…(This is all about full transparency so you know where you money is going).

Raised on GoFundMe: $397.34 (GoFundMe total was $435 but after their cut…$397.34 is going to the food bank)

Cash Raised at JohnCon: $350.00

Total Cash to the Walden III Middle School Food Drive: $747.34

That is STUNNING!!!

We also collected… 157 non-perishable food items!!!

I am humbled and honored to have such wonderful friends and fans of Painting with MenothJohn. I think we can safely say…there WILL be JohnCon 2017 right here in Racine, WI.

Rich Brautman did a show afterword…the audio isn’t great but it gets better later in the show…so…hang in there!!!

The Audio Only Version:

The Full Video Experience: (and this one is worth watching)