Short and sweet this time, Brushheads!  As promised in episode 125 of Painting with MenothJohn, here are the alternate Journeyman rules I made for the leagues I used to run at our FLGS.  I’ve presented them unchanged from the last time I used them.  Obviously they’d need some changes to work in MK3, but I think everyone can figure out how to do that. 😉


Dropzone Games Journeyman/Slow-grow league

The league will start on January 11th and run until February 21st , with a tournament capping the league on February 22nd. During the league players will accrue points by playing (and winning) games and painting models that are in their army.

Each player will start with an 11 point (plus Warjack/Warbeast points) battlegroup which is restricted to non-Epic Warcasters/Warlocks and non-Character Warjacks or Warbeasts. Every week the points allowed will increase. Before spending the new points available, a player can remove one model/unit from their army. Other than this, the list cannot change.


Scenario** Rules
Week 1


Supply and Demand (#2) Battlegroup only
Week 2


Close Quarters (#3) Units, solos and battle engines allowed
Week 3


Ammunition Run (#4) Character Warjacks and Warbeasts allowed
Week 4


Into the Breach (#9) Epic Warcasters and Warlocks allowed
Week 5


Process of Elimination (#11) Colossals and Gargantuans allowed
Week 6


Rally Point (#10)

*Alternatively, a player may start with any Battle Box or Battlegroup from a two player starter set to start, no matter the points. After week 1 the points will have to match the points allowed that week.

**Scenarios may change when the Steamroller 2015 rules are released.

Games will be played with the listed scenario from the 2015 Steamroller rules, assuming they are released in time. Otherwise we will start with the 2014 Steamroller rules and change as soon as the 2015 rules are released. Each win will be worth 3 points and each loss or draw will be worth 2 points. Players will be limited to 8 games a week during weeks 1 and 2, and 4 games a week afterward.

Painting points:

Players will also receive points for painting their models. Only models that have been painted during the league and that have been used in the league are eligible.

Painting points will be awarded based on the following chart:

# Models in Unit Pts
Single model


2-3 models in unit


4-6 models in unit


7-9 models in unit


10-12 models in unit


13-15 models in unit


16+ models in unit


Warcaster or Warlock


Model is not a unit, but creates other models


Majority base size (use largest size if tied):






At the end of the league patches and prizes will be awarded for the following achievements:

• Destroyer Award (Skull): Most Game Points

• Creator Award (Flag): Most Hobby Points

• Journeyman Award (Crown): Most Journeyman Points

There will also be standard journeyman patches for every participant.