Hello Brushheads, co-host John here with another battle report…or most of one.  The store closed before we could finish, but that happens some times.

This time, I brought my “tournament” Magnus2 list vs PG_Bewie’s Kromac2 “Goat” list.  He had Kromac2, Gorax, Warpwolf Stalker, two Riphorn Satyrs, two Shadowhorn Satyrs, double Sentry Stones, double Shifting Stones, Lanyssa, and Lord of the Feast.

PG_Bewie, the main reason I play WM

Scenario was Extraction.  Bewie wanted to use his Muse on Minis terrain that he got at NOVA, so we set it up like this.

I won the roll and chose to go second.  I chose the side he was standing on, like you usually do casually.  I probably should’ve chose his side.  In hind sight it looks better.


Idrians preyed a Sentry Stone, probably should’ve just been the Shadowhorn, but I’ve been playing with prey recently.

Turn 1:

Bewie advances with all his stuff and puts a forest around one Sentry Stone.  On my turn, I advance, cast upkeeps and have Idrians kill two Mantikins.

Turn 2:

Bewie continues his advance and has the one Sentry Stone unit that I killed part of spawn a Mantikin forward and spray Kell and Orin to death…I didn’t need that 10 points of solos.  The Shadowhorn advances and leaps over my line, ends in melee with 2 Idrians and kills them.

Circle turn 2

On my turn, I decide to kill both forward heavies.

I go about it well enough, with the Obliterator rocket hitting the Riphorn for good damage before the Mangler charges, killing it and a Sentry Stone.  The Shadowhorn gets Kiss of Lylss from Aiyanna,  a couple shots from Holt (which triggers Hyper Aggressive to end up in melee with an Idrian).  HA ended up putting him in charge range from Magnus, so I did and shot him in the face with the Rover.  Unfortunately, I ended up kill boxing myself to give him two free points.  I really should’ve gone with plan A, which was Calamity, Kiss and then Idrians kill him, with Rover as back up.  I did end up using my feat to make sure that Kromac couldn’t get to Magnus.  The Nomad, my back up plan for the Riphorn, ended up in charge range of the other Sentry stone, so I killed it.  Probably a waste of points, wish I had a Talon for stuff like that, but it worked.  The Idrians kill one stone from the unit that they had preyed.  Hutchuk popped in behind Lanyssa…I think pictures cover this:

I end my turn down 0-2.  But also did some good killing.

Turn 3:  Bewie feats and buffs his way into killing both my Mangler and my Nomad.  Circle may be one of the only factions that doesn’t care about Merc jacks with unyielding.  The Stalker could even us his animus to sprint to the flag for 0-3, while the Lord of the feast got to the flag, but did nothing.  He ends his turn up 0-3 and me down two heavies.  On the bright side, the Riphorn has to frenzy next turn and the Lord of the Feast is the closest model.

Before my turn 3, staff had advised us that it was almost time to close up, so we agreed to play out this turn and then pack up.  He thought he was in a slightly better place then he was.  Not realizing that I could contest his flag with two different models.  So, I did.  I also had Gorman blind the Shadowhorn who had moved in the Rovers way.  Aiyana and Holt advance, too and use Kiss and two hand cannons to good effect.  Magnus uses calamity a and his scattergun on the Shadowhorn.  The Rover finishes the Shadowhorn with ease (two focus left and the cannon melee shot overkilled him by a bit).  The Idrians charged and killed the other two stones, while one engaged Kromac and forced a transfer.  We ended like this:

End of game, due to time.

I made some serious mistakes, costing me quite a bit.  Losing two high point solos to killing stupid Mantikins, who couldn’t really target much unless I let them turn 2, was a mistake.   I need to use prey to scare models off more.  A Shadowhorn has almost no chance vs a unit of Idrians who have preyed it.  I also need to look more at in a scenario is kill box or not.  I also probably could’ve had Hutchuck on the other side to try and contest. Overall, it was a good experience and gave me some good thoughts for what I could change.


Until next time…RAHN!