So another episode of Tuesday Night Beermachine at Casa de Wick. Again it was Naaresh verses Gunnbjorn. This is a rematch from last time.


My Naaresh list was the same:
– Naaresh
– Titan Sentry
– Titan Sentry
– Despoiler
– Cyclops Shaman
– Agonizer
– Tyrant Rhadeim
– Void Spirit
– Gobber Chef
– Ferox (Full)
– Beast Handlers (Full)
– Gobber Bellows Crew

Ryan changed up his Gunny list to be:
– Gunnbjorn
– Runebearer
– Mauler
– Dozer &Smigg
– Bomber
– War Wagon
– Horthol
– Runeshapers
– Long Riders (Min)

Ryan won the die roll and after some thought and debate decided to go first. The Scenario was Linebreaker.

Round 1: Ryan ran pretty much everything forward except Gunny and Troll Moses. He put Explosivo on the Bomber, Snipe on Dozer & Smig and a Rock Wall on the hill, why? Because he can. My Turn one I ran the Sentries forward and also the Void Spirit and Gobber Chef off to right side into a forest. Advanced everything forward and got Blur on the Ferox and Lamentation up. The Despoiler put Arcane Suppression up as well and the Bellows Crew did what they do.

Round 2: Ryan upkeep Snipe and Explosivo. 2 of the Tuffalos ran to engage the Ferox and one stayed back. The War Wagon aka Apple Cart shot at a Sentry, hit but no damage. The Bomber put Farstrike on itself and shot the same Sentry, hit for 5 Damage and then a Second Shot for 4 Damage. The Runeshapers ran and Repositioned over the Right Flag where my Void Spirit and Chef were. The Runebearer put Harmonious Exaltation on Gunny. Gunny then cast Guided Fire, and Farstrike on himself and shot the same Sentry for 3 more Damage. He also Feated. The Mauler ran forward and Horthal ran to reposition as well. Dozer &Smig took aim and was able to just reach out and hit Rhadiem for 8 Damage but didn’t dismount him. So all-in-all, a pretty lack luster round for him. My round 2 was a bit more eventful. I started by upkeeping Blur for free from the Despoiler and cutting myself for 1 to upkeep Lamentation. The Shaman started by shooting and killing one of the forward Tuffalos. Next the Ferox went doing their advance and pounce bs took out another Tuffalo and the last one Toughed but was knocked down as well as one of them basing Ryan’s left flag. Then the 2 forward Ferox repositioned to engage D&S and Horthol. Next up I had the Beast Handler Enrage the 2 Sentries and whip up 4 Blood Tokens on Naaresh. Naaresh went next. He feated adding 3 damages to each Sentry, the Despoiler, and the Agonizer. Healing all his damage as well as healing a bit of damage on the beat up Sentry and the Agonizer. This put the Sentry to P+S 21 on their Halberds and ARM 24. The one beat up Sentry charged the Mauler, hit at dice +3 but only did 10 Damage. Followed up with tusks and shield at dice +2 and dice +1 respectively to finish off the Mauler and then put up his animus. The other Sentry advance forward and put up his animus. The Despoiler advanced and put up his animus, the Agonizer advanced, the Void Spirit and Chef repositioned a bit, and the Bellows crew put up a cloud. Rhadiem killed the last knocked down Long Rider, and I scored 1 CP for controlling Ryan’s left flag.


Round 3: So with basically taking out is only melee threats, other than Horthal and a Sentry not far from him, we talk through the next couple of turns and decide that we should call the game. We both agree that he probably cannot stop the scenario win for me and being it was getting late again we called it.

In conclusion, after now 2 games of these 2 casters with very similar lists in both cases we think that my Naaresh list is almost, if not a hard counter to Ryan’s Gunny list.

Beers: – Lakefront Brewing: Brandy Barrel – Aged Cherry Lager – Ale Asylum: Oktillion – 3 Floyd’s Brewing: Zombie Dust – Ace: Pear Cider

Pandora Channel: Sevendust