Alrighty Brushheads, I’m back to share my final thoughts will all parts of my Ashlynn list.


Let’s start with solos:

Rhupert: He’s lost a little range on his abilities, and isn’t affected by them anymore, but he’s still pretty good.  He started as a bit of a luxury in the list, but evolved into a key player vs shooting lists, letting the Idrians maintain their high defense even before (and after) using Go to Ground.  Tough was decent, but take him more for Veil of Mists and Pathfinder.

Harlan Versh:  A bit hit or miss, sometimes he’s amazing, sometimes he’s fairly useless.  He evolved into a bit of a target for casters who want to put an upkeep on themselves.  I think he’d work well with more damage buffs/armor de-buffs.

Ogrun Bokur: He rarely did that much damage to the enemy (maybe 2-3 games), but he did take it in the face for Ashlynn quite a few times.  Luckily that’s why I brought him.  I think I’d rather have a jack as shield guard, but he’ll do if points are tight.

Sylys Wyshnalyrr:  Not as required as I thought, but I’d still take him.  One focus can mean all the difference to Ashlynn.  Also he makes Distraction, Twister, and Gallows viable spells to cast.

Next up: Units!

Thorn Gun Mages:  A decent substitute for the ATGM that I was used to taking.  They have a bit more reliable offence, between setting things on fire and Both Barrels.  Thunderbolt is still good.  I’d take them again.  Probably better in the list than the Devil’s Shadow Mutineers that I replaced them with for the tournament (and last game)

Devil’s Shadow Mutineers:  They were meh, but I didn’t get the same number of games with them.  I feel like they’d be better in a list with a traditional jamming unit to screen them.  I’d try them again, but not my first choice.

Lady Aiyana and Master Holt:  Still awesome.  The loss of one point of Magic ability for Aiyana has actually caused several misses, but it’s not enough to change my opinion of them.

Captain Sam MacHorne and the Devil Dogs:  So hit or miss.  Some games they were just there, other games they were a terror.  I feel that if you have a decent defensive buff, or screening unit, they can be great.  Casters have to be scared of getting within 10″ (12″ with Quicken) unless they can’t be knocked down.  Not always worth the points, but they’ll often do well.

Idrian Skirmishers:  Damn.  These guys were the mainstay of every battle.  Give them any kind of buff and they get out of control quickly.  The hard part is not gushing over them too much.  I’d take them in just about any list, they’re that good.

Next, Warjacks:

Mule:  Not as good as it used to be marshaled to the ATGM, but still solid.  Power up gives it enough to make it a decent control threat, three dice crits are reasonably common.  A little more focus makes it really good.  POW 8 blast damage is still good enough to kill.  I’m not sure it’s a good choice as a 2nd jack, maybe a third unless you’ve got a heavy hitting unit.  I’d still consider it.

Gallant:  Better than he used to be.  Getting purgation all the time is great!  Losing shield guard, except with Connie B, is a bit of a downer.  Still, overall a plus.  He can be an absolute PITA under feat and admonition means it’s hard to get a charge off vs him.  I’d probably reach for him as my first jack again.

Finally, Ashlynn herself:

Disappointing.  You’d figure the power up rule would mean that she can do so much more, but no.  It just means you can get more out of your jack.  She still has way more spells than she can easily use without an Arc Node.  She just seems to have the wrong combination of abilities.  While she can get work done in melee or with spells, it always leaves you in danger.  I’m not sure how you take an ability away from a mid-tier caster in one faction and add them in others, but I’m not a game designer.  Now, that’s not saying she’s bad.  It just means you gotta have a bit of determination if you want her to do more than buff, fuel jacks and pop off the odd Handcannon shot.  Honestly, I want more from a caster than that and she can do more but, if you do, you are immediately in danger.  Even with focus, you can be one shot by anything POW16 or higher.  While she’s hard to hit, there are many ways to mitigate that.  Overall, she’s in the “good, but not great” tier of casters.  She gets 2 shots of Kraken, mostly to steady the nerves as you have her do something awesome.


There you go, all done.  Now I need some help from you all…head over to twitter and vote in the poll of which caster I should play for my next challenge.

Until next time…