Hey Brushheads, here we are with the final game of the Ashlynn challenge.  I’ve enjoyed playing with her, but I’m excited to get on to something new.  On another note, I remembered my camera, so I could take pictures.  I did forget once or twice, but something is better than nothing.

This time my opponent was Oak.  The brought his Trollbloods: Gunnbjorn, Moutain King, Dozer & Smigg, max Champs with Skaldi, Runebearer, Battle Wagon.


Scenario was Take and Hold.  Terrain set up was:

I won the roll and took the side without the tower, I didn’t need it mucking up my movement.  Plus I wanted that wall.


Oak went first and moved up most of his stuff, with Gunny putting Lucky on Dozer & Smigg and putting a rock wall at the extent of his trample range.  He then trampled him forward and killed half my Idrians.  I’ll fully comment on that at the end of the report.

End of his turn, beginning of my turn:

Notice the large hole in the middle of the Idrian formation

On my turn I put out my upkeeps as normal, Quicken on Idrians and Admonition on Gallant.  I pretty much just advanced and took a couple CRAs on the Battle Wagon.  Not much damage done.

End of my turn, beginning of his turn 2:

AOEs?  Spread the f out.

On his turn the Champs chose press forward and got one Idrian, the rest ran to support.  Gunny got snipe and shot at Ashlynn, hitting with a crit…but that’s why I bring the Bokur, luckily he didn’t hit Rhupert.  He also feated, making his army immune to damage from ranged attacks.  Between Dozer & Smigg, Braylen and the Battle Wagon, he killed two of the Devil’s Shadow Mutineers, one Devil Dog and two more Idrians.  I forgot to take a picture at the end of his turn.

On my turn, Ashlynn feated and just moved forward.  I had given Gallant one focus and the Mule two focus.  Aiyanna harmed the Battle Wagon (so unnecessary), then the Devil Dogs charged it.  They killed the heck out of it.  I got 7 in melee with it and only needed about 3-4.  The Idrians charged Champions and killed 2.  I could’ve spread them out more, but I had no idea it was going to work that well.  The Mule charged and killed one, while Gallant charged, killed two, and caused Skaldi to tough.

End of my turn 2:

Notice the empty space where the battle wagon was.

On his turn, he had Dozer & Smigg kill the Idrian Chieftain and shoot at Ashlynn, killing Sylys with Blast.   Gunny was in melee and needed Braylen to clear him off.  He ended up shooting some Devil Dogs, got two, one toughed.  Skaldi charged Gallant, and did some damage.  The Mountain king charged the Mule(triggering admontion on Gallant), did a ton of damage and killed the idrian next to him, too.  He also got Versh.

End of Trolls turn 3:

Notice the damage on the Mule card (left).

On my turn, I had Aiyanna harm the Mountain king,  Holt shot it for some damage.  The Devil dogs killed Braylen.  Zira (of the Devil’s Shadow Mutineers) just advanced.  Rhupert just did his thing.  Ashlynn charged Skaldi, to get him dead.  Gallant put all his attacks into the Mountain king, and did a ton of damage, but didn’t kill him.  The Idrian Guide charged Gunny, but didn’t do much.

End of my Turn 3:

Closing in.

On his turn, Oak tried some magic.  He had the Mountain King try to throw Gallant, but he missed over the wall.  he then spent the rest to kill the Mule.  His kill shot went into Ashlynn and Gallant he did exactly zero damage to Ashlynn after focus and a little damage to Gallant.  Dozer shot at Ashlynn, but did no damage with blast.  Gunny put his axe into the face of the Idrian Guide, but didn’t kill him.  He decided to camp the rest, since the Devil Dogs were coming.  Forgot pictures for the end of his turn, but they looked quite similar to this, just picture no Mule, a little more damage on Gallant’s card and Ashlynn with one less focus.

On my turn 4:  Aiyanna harmed the Mountain King, again, Holt shot him twice, then Gallant killed him, and a Whelp.  The Devil Dogs advanced, knocked down Gunny and did a couple shots, which Dozer took.  Zira got pathfinder from Rhupert and killed two whleps, bringing her unit back to full.  Ashlynn shot a whelp and cast twister to block LOS.  End of Turn 4:

Notice the lack of Mountain King.

Gunny stood up and was still in melee with the Idrian guide, so he killed him.  Dozer went after Gallant, but couldn’t do much.  On my turn Gallant killed Dozer.  The Devil Dogs did there thing, leaving Gunny with under 5 boxes left.  Zira tried to kill the Runebearer, and left Gunny for Ashlynn.  Ashlynn moved to the flag and finished Gunny.

A pretty good game.  The two walls and flag on my left caused Oak so many movement problems.  Plus we both think he needs to tweak the army.  I was on the back foot from the moment that I lost half my Idrians before I got to activate.  Now, this won’t happen again, but it’s not something that needs to be in the game.  A simple fix (also helps with Lylyth3, who has a 28″ threat) would be to disallow shooting if you trample.  If something fires long and gets that lucky scatter, it’s ok, but being able to directly hit a model in the opponents AD line at the top of turn 1 is pretty BS.

Well, despite pictures, this is still closing in on 1000 words, so I’ll leave the wrap up for the next article.  Until then…