Hello Brusheads, now to finish off the battle reports from the tournament I started with the last Ashlynn Challenge post.

Game 3 vs Doug: Mercs: Ashlynn, Sylys, Rocinante, Nomad, Rutger, Talon, Taryn, Gastonne, Vanguard, Boomies, Eiryss1, Ragman, Acosta, Gudurn.

Scenario: Recon. Terrain: Building on my left, hill across from it. Wall about an inch from the zone in the center of the table on my side. Another hill on my right, with a forest on his side and a corrosive water feature between them.

Another where he thought he was jamming me, but was really just giving me stuff to kill unsupported. Boomies got Quicken and ran forward. He put Rutger’s crew and Rociniante behind a forest and they spent a bunch of time getting out of it. Gastonne was coming up the other side with his Vanguard. I had my Renegade run and I got Calamity on Boomies, then Idrians (who should’ve preyed them) removed a couple, but ended up a bit closer than I should’ve. Luckily his two who could charge missed their attacks. Rover was creeping around the caustic pool toward the flag (I was planing on sending Magnus that way, but though against it with Eiryss1 there). Eiryss1 spent her time disprupting the Rover. Orin crept that way, hoping to bounce a lightning off the Rover into Eiryss, but she stayed too far away. Instead I popped one into the Talon, which hurt Taryn (couldn’t get a 7), bounced of Rocinante, and killed Sylys. The Idrians fineshed off the Boomies. Aiyana harmed the Nomad, Holt did decent damage to it. The Renegade put his rocket into it, and crippled it. Hutchuck popped on behind Gastone and hit him with his Quake grenade(despite him being on a hill), but did no damage due to focus, then he charged him and didn’t roll the 10 he needed to kill him. Not too upset about the under average rolls. Nomad wandered up and killed Acosta and engaged Gudrun. On his turn. Ragman killed one Idrian with Boneshaker. Gudurn killed on Idrian and beserked into the Nomad for marginal damage. Ashlynn shot another idrian and caught two with Twister (killing only one). On his turn Rocinante shot my objective, did no damage to it (bunker), but did clip 1 idrian, the chieftain and Holt, of which he only killed the Idrian. Tayrn shot at Aiyann, but Holt had none of that. He then took his 2nd shot at Orin, but the Rover shield guarded it. Eiryss disrupted the Rover (again), and Rutger killed Orin. He miss-activated Gastone first but I let him take it back and activate the Vanguard and then Gastonne. Between them, they managed to kill Hutchuck. Ashlynn’s feat was up, so I wasn’t expecting much. Magnus got Arcane Secrets and put Calamity on the Talon from outside of feat. Aiyanna put Harm on the Nomad (no movement) and Holt did more damage and killed Taryn. Idrians charged the Nomad and Ragman, but only killed the Nomad. The Nomad and Renegade were unable to kill Gudrun (did 5 damage), the Rover walked into the Talon and did a bunch of damage. Gorman wandered to about 2” away from Eiryss and hit (I mean actually hit) her with an Acid bomb, killing her. Rutger shot Gorman (within 5”) and the Rover shield guarded it for no damage. The Talon got crush and hit the Rover, making it stationary (too late) and did ok damage. Rociniante shot the objective again and killed Holt (who had aimed to get Taryn). Gastonne and Vanguard got in a shooting match with Kell, who had just been pinging at them. Ashlynn and Ragman killed 3 Idrians, leaving me with 2. On my turn the Renegade managed to crit on Gudrun, “killing him” and then actually kill him with the crit attack and one more bought attack. The Nomad wandered toward Ashlynn, but she admonitioned out of the way, but I was still in melee with the Objective (as planned) and I killed it. The remianing Idrians managed to kill Ragman, the Rover killed the hell out of the talon (had 3 focus left). Gorman hit (actually hit) Rutger in a forest, killing him. Magnus ran to the opposite corner of the zone from Ashlynn. The Mangler ran in front of him. I went up 3-0. On his turn, he shot Magnus with Rocinante for 5damage and then sent the fully loaded Vanguard to assualt him, the Vanguard missed all his attacks. I won that turn. I could’ve stayed safer, but that was no fun. I figured I’d make a game of it. And honestly, he had to work to get Rocinante a shot and the odds of the Vanguard, needing 8s to hit and being dice minus 9 (gun) and 7 (melee), killing Magnus was really, really low. Doug’s a newer player and has a bit of a smaller selection of models to work with. I felt he did pretty well, considering I know what everything he has does and he walked into my unit in unfavorable circumstances.

Overall, I finished 3rd in the tournament, which was fine. Gift Card prize covered my entry fee. Overall, I had fun, though I wish the 2nd game had been more competitive. Mark 3 is better than Mark 2, but it still has some serious problems that need to be addressed. But that is a story for another time…