Hello Brushheads!  Almost through the Ashlynn Challenge and things have been going well.  I’ve learned quite a bit about the models I’ve been using and how I want to format future challenges.

A couple weeks ago, I managed to make it to a tournament and got two games in with Ashlynn.  I could’ve gotten three, but I decided to bring a 2nd list and I was forced to play it last round.  That was probably for the best as Ashlynn vs Ashylnn would’ve been weird.

Game 8 vs Steve playing Cryx.  He had the Witch Coven with a battlegroup of a Seether, Malice, and two arc nodes.  He also had double Soul Hunters, skarlock, and max Satyxis Raiders with UA.  The scenario was Entrenched.  Terrain consisted of a couple hills, both on the left, a building on my side between the zones, a water feature just outside the right zone and a forest on the other side of that zone.  There were some walls, one on his side and one on mine, but they weren’t very useful.

Devil’s Shadow Mutineers tied up the Satyxis. Idrians tied up both units of Soul Hunters. Attrition went well for me. Devil Dogs hung around and just killed whatever they could (several Satyxis and Soul Hunters). He thought he was jamming me, but he was actually just feeding me his units without Jack support.  He popped his feat and fed me the Soul Hunters in the same turn, which was a mistake.  Honestly, the only thing it stopped was a possible charge with Gallant on a Soul Hunter near his caster, which may have ended the game early, but was unnecessary.

Due to a water feature and the walls, he cast a lot of Ghost Walk, plus some Veil of Mists to protect him.

Gallant killed some soul hunters and tempted Steve to try and kill him. He tried to drag me out of Ashlynn’s feat with Malice, but the Bokur shield guarded that. Then the Seether (missing an arm courtesy of the Mule tried to charge Gallant within feat, but I moved him away with admonition to get to the Egregore (which has quite decent stats now). I hit several times, but my damage dice were poop. The Mule managed to crit on the Skarlock and kill two of the Witches with boosted blast damage. Next turn he concedes that I would kill the last witch and score some CP, so he just conceded with under 4 minutes left.

This game was odd, as I suspected he was going to clock out after his first turn (which took upwards of 15 minutes) and knew it after turn 2 (he had less than 20 minutes left at that point). I played to win, rather than play not to lose and win on time, since that’s more fun. He’s probably great in casual games (if a bit slow and frustrating to play vs), but he needs to speed up to play in tournaments.



Game 2 vs NotBrushhead Dave playing his Legion. He had Lylyth3 with a battlegroup consiting of a Carnivean, Typhon, a Bolt Thrower,  and a Naga.  He also had a Succubus, 2 death stalkers, Grotesque assassin, 2 shepherds, max Raptors, and one Hellmouth.

Scenario was the Pit.  Terrain was decent, with a large house in the middle of the zone, a forest to the right, some obstructions to the left, along with a hill (on my side).  Some trenches rounded it out.  All in all it was adequate terrain.

This was a relatively quick game.  With Lylyth feating and killing me, on my feat turn, from well outside my feat range, with some help from a Bolt Thrower.  Despite this leaving a bad taste in my mouth, as I feel that her ability to kill from really far away(she ignores stealth) is a bit much, I could’ve done some stuff to prevent this.  I misused resources to kill Typhon (having 2 focus left on Gallant afterward, though only one was from Ashlynn).  I also had Gallant in a position to kill the Bolt Thrower, who had gotten between Lylyth and Gallant, who had popped around the corner of the building after he triggered admonition.  I could’ve been more aggressive with the Devil Dogs, which would’ve let them offer some shots vs Typhon.  Oh, well…at least I learned something.

There you go, 8-1 with one game left.  I’m going to try and get more pictures and more thoughts about what I play for the next Challenge.  Speaking of which, I’ll be posting a poll with my last article for you all to vote on.  I still plan on staying with Mercs, but I do like a challenge.


Until then,