So forgive me for this, but this is my first Battle Report and I plan to get better.  Last weeks Tuesday Night Beermachine pit Naaresh verses Gunnbjorn.  Naaresh was being piloted by yours truly and Gunnbjorn was being played by Ryan Goes the Minister of Good Times. The scenario was “The Pit.” The Lists were:
– Agonizer
– Cyclops Shaman
– Despoiler
– Titan Sentry
– Titan Sentry
Tyrant Rhadeim
Void Spirit
Gobber Chef
Ferox (Full)
Beast Handlers (Full)
Gobber Bellows Crew

– Mauler
– Bomber
– Dozer & Smigg
– Runebearer
War Wagon
Fennblades (Full)
– Officer & Drummer

I won the die roll and chose to go first.

Turn One:
I put Blur on Ferox and Cycloned Naaresh to my Flag and pretty much ran everything forward. Ryan’s turn one, he ran the Fennblades, Runeshapers, Bomber, and Mauler forward.  Then Gunny and D&S shot down 2 Ferox with a combo of Farstrike, Snipe and Giuded Fire.

Turn 2:
I drove the Ferox and Rhadeim deep into in Fennblades killing I think 4-5 and putting them all up in his grill, including engaging Gunny. I positioned Naaresh on my Flag and moved my Sentries and Despoiler into the zone with the Aggy doing the -2 STR and the Sentries and Despoiler having there animi up. The Void Spirit was contesting his Flag and the Chef was hiding in a forest close behind. Ryan’s turn 2 he attempts to clear my Ferox but man those things are annoying. He knocks down the Despoiler and Aggy with the Apple Cart (War Wagon) and kills 2 beast handlers, and clears 2 more Ferox. I score 1 point becasue he wasn’t able to contest my flag.

My top of 3, I clear the zone with Naaresh, Ferox, Despoiler, Sentry, and Void Spirit attacks. I also Feat Defensively. Making my Sentries ARM 24 and 1 Sentry is P+S 21 and the other is 19 with their animi up. So if he brings the Mauler in and attacks it is going to get hit back HARD!!!! At this point I score 2 more control points to go up 3-0. After going in the tank for a bit Ryan and I discuss his strategy.  With his Fennblades almost all gone, 2 of the 3 Runeshapers died and no good way for him to stop or contest my flag we decide to call the game because he doesn’t feel he can stop a scerneio win and it was getting late.

All in all, my Naaresh list was strong, but needs some tweeks I think. Not sure about the Shaman. And Ryan’s list was at a disadvantage in this match up because of the amount of Steady and low model count of my army. His plan was to use the Apple Cart to knock stuff down and shot the crap out if it. Also the speed and pure annoyance of the Ferox being in you face so fast hampered him.

It was a fun time as always.

Beers for this game:
Bloody Buccaneer (The Ram’s GenCon Special)
Down By the River (Flying Bison – Thanks Beermachine Guys)
Grapefruit Dead (18th Street)
Citra-Hero (Revolution Brewing)
Fist City (Revolution Brewing)

Pandora Channel: Sevendust