Hello Brushheads!

Another slow week means no Ashlynn challenge update, though I did get to play something…Imperial Assault!

Imperial Assault is a Star Wars themed board game similar to Super Dungeon Explore or Descent.   It is basically a Star Wars dungeon crawl.  One player controls the Imperials and the other 4 control individual Rebels.  It uses similar mechanics to all such games, but does it in a better (IMO) way.  The dice are more consistent than most i’ve seen.  I rarely felt like my turn was wasted, which is good considering the way the missions are set up.  The mechanics are simple and work really well, with minor differences for both Imperial and Rebel sides.  Each of the Rebel characters had a distinct difference and felt like they played differently.  The Imperial models seemed thematic and balanced, as well, though I mostly just punched and shot them.  The missions seem quite well designed and feel well balanced.  All the ones we played felt like either side could win.  The campaign system is quite cool, giving you the ability to purchase new abilities and equipment after each mission.  Also, there are bonus missions, on both sides, to unlock various unique characters, such as Darth Vader or Han Solo.  Needless to say, I really enjoyed the game play.

The models deserve their own section.  They are, generally, single piece sculpts with decent detail and poses.   While I wouldn’t call them amazing, they are quite solid with very few duds.  They look to paint up quite well, with just the right kind of detail for a model this type.

Price point.  Spoiler…board games aren’t cheap, especially not ones with custom dice, models and game tiles.  This prices in at about $100 for the base set.  Expansions, which have new Rebels, Imperials, game tiles and a new mini campaign, price in at $40 or $60.  Individual model packs are between $10 and $20 depending on the size and number of models.  Overall, while I wouldn’t call this overly expensive, I also wouldn’t call it cheap.   It’ll probably run a bit higher than the other Star Wars games (Armada and X-Wing), it is good for 5 people at once and seems to be a decent deal.

I’d give the game one shot of Kraken since, while not perfect, is a really good product that I would recommend.


Until next time…RAHN!