Hello Brushheads!  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a game in this week, so no Co-Host Challenge update, but I did get some hobbying done!

Picture time!

hobby set up

Here is my temporary set up, until I get my office set up.  It’s not a bad little set up, but I am looking at getting some under-table storage for the rest of my paints and such.

Here are my converted Mangler (waiting on head and shoulders that were missing) and my converted Renegade.  The Nomad legs really make the Mangler look bigger, i’ll post side by side pictures when it’s fully built.  Ditto on the Mangler legs for the Renegade.  I kinda want to find some sort of armor plate bit to cover the center, but no luck so far.

Here are my painted Renegade, waiting on washes, and my test Void Wretch for Malifaux.  The Renegade looks ok…though he’ll probably look better after washes.  I really like the way the Void Wretch is coming out.  He’s a test for my Tara crew, and I think he came out well.  I’ll update when I’m done with these two.

Here are my in progress Kayazy.  I’m not a big fan of the models.  The ones in the front row aren’t horrible, but the back row ones are no bueno.  Nevertheless, I will continue to plug away at them.  Not sure I’ll get to all the detail, but I will get them fully painted.

And here are my Kayazy after another hour of work, though not all on them.  They’re coming together and should be done soon.  As usual, they look kinda rough until you hit them with the washes and such.


That’s all for this time.  Hopefully i’ll have a game to report back about in a week.  Until then…