Another weekend, another game down.  Another game vs Oak and his Trollbloods.  This time he brought Borka2 with a Mountain King, Rok, Pyre Troll, double Northkin Fire eaters, double Fell Callers, and a max unit of Kreil Warriors with Std and piper, but no cabers.  The “Roll for Scenario” app gave us the scenario Outlast.  Terrain was set up by Oak, but I won the roll and chose my side.  There was a somewhat kidney bean shaped forest in the center of the table between the zones.  Both sides had walls that barely entered the zones on our respective left hand sides.  I had a hill just outside the zone on my right and he had a zone a bit out side my left hand side.  Finally there were some smaller rocks around the centerline on either side that really didn’t matter.    He set up the Mountain King on my right, then  his Kreil Warriors, Borka and Pyre troll and then Rok.  Finally, he had a Fell Caller on either side of the table.  I set up the Thorn Gun Mages on my left, then Gallant, Versh, Ashlynn, Bokor, Sylys, Mule, Aiyanna and Holt, Rhupert, then Devil Dogs.  I had already planned on ignoring the zone with the Mountain King and going for the other one.  The put one unit of Fire Eaters on my left (his weak side) and one off-center to my right.  I deployed my Idrians centrally and preyed the Fire Eaters on my left.

Turn 1: He advances/runs with everything…except Borka who casts Battle Charged and Snow Shroud on the Kriel warriors and advances and repositions…leaving his Moutain King outside of his control.  The Mountain King advances behind the Kreil Warriors.  Turn passes to me.  Devil Dogs advance to outside of his threat ranges. Versh moves toward the other zone and his natural prey…models with an upkeep on them.  I spend some time on math and have Ashlynn cast Quicken on the Idrians (or plan A) and Admonition on Gallant and then advances.  Sylys follows.  Thorn Gun Mages advance and top outside threat of Rok and Fire Eaters(probably could’ve moved up more).  The Idrians advance and kill two Fire Eaters from their preyed unit and one from the other unit, the reposition back 3″.  Aiyanna and Holt move forward and Holt manages to kill another from the 2nd unit of Fire Eaters.  Gallant runs, but stays out of assault threat.  The Mule runs up to support the Devil Dogs.

Turn 2:  Many sprays (and a bomb) are lobbed at my Idrians…resulting in the loss of 2.  Kriel Warriors spread out to engage Idrians, but all are out.  This leaves them spread out from the edge of my left zone all the through my right zone.  Pyre troll misses his shot and sets one Idrian on fire.  Borka advances and throws his bomb then repositions back and feats.  Rok advances to get threat on something…but not so close to be in threat for anything but Idrians. The Mountain King runs toward the left zone, since it appears to be in danger.  On my turn, I know I’m going to feat and hopefully clear the right zone for some easy points.  (Spoiler…i’m right)  I just have to figure out how to do it.  Stealth covers almost all his models, but i’m close enough to get around, but I must be careful with my shots.  Fire goes out on the one Idrian.  I give two extra focus to the Mule.  Ashlynn feats and advances toward the right zone, taking a shot at one of the two Kriel Warriors outside of feat and kills it.  The Devil Dogs go next and, between an amazing net scatter that knocks down 4 models and close range Slug Gun shots, manage to just about clear the zone.  All I need is for the Mule to kill the rest, who are already knocked down.  Not only does he, I also get the crit and double clear the zone, since all the models contesting are blow out of the zone…and killed.  I also knock down the Fell Caller on that side  This leaves about half the Kriel warriors and finishes one unit of Fire Eaters.  Versh advances into the forest and kills a couple Kreil Warriors.  Now the Idrians advance and kill the last Fire Eater and kill all but 2 Kreil Warriors, the standard and one normal dude.  The gun mages just stay safe and Gallant tries to tempt Rok out with some Idrians blocking the assault.  I go up   1-0 and way up on attrition, but that Mountain King is still alive.

Turn 3.  The one knocked down Fell Caller gets up and sprays the Devil Dogs, killing 2.  I do not know why he didn’t contest the zone, but it didn’t matter.  The Kriel Warriors charge and the leader charges the Mule (misses…feat) and the standard makes a nuisance of himself.   The Pyre Trolls fires at Versh.  Here’s where I make my first mistake.  I could’ve let it hit Versh (he was not terribly useful anymore), but I make it miss and it scatters onto Ashlynn (of course) and sets her on fire.  Borka goes and sprays an annyoing Idrian with Frost Hammer, and misses despite being out of the feat. He bombs and kills the one most in Roks way.  He Repositions back a bit, still kinda central.  The Fell Caller on the left advances and sprays some Idrians, missing.  The Mountain King Charges one Idrian, actually ending with 3 in melee, and takes his assault Spray on him and Gallant.  He hits both (through boosting), the Idrian toughs, and Gallant takes a fair amount of damage, almost crippling his right arm.  He then kills the knocked down Idrian, and kill shots Gallant…taking off his left arm.  Rok assaults another idrian between him and Gallant (I use Admonition to get out of the spray).  He ends up killing that one.  On to my turn.  I make two mistakes this turn.  I give the Mule a 2nd focus, as I smell blood.  Ashlynn charges the Kriel Warrior leader, killing him in two hits, I then heal for two, since I feel 2 camp should be plenty (mistake 1).  The Devil Dogs advance, knock down the Kriel standard and Fell Caller, and kill them.  They were just out of range of Borka.  Quicken would’ve gotten them close, but not sure they’d be in.  Idrians transfer prey to Borka.  Mule advances and boosts a shot into Borka, hitting (no crit) doing a good amount of damage to him.  The Idrians go and, between some misses and one transfer, leave Borka on a handful of life (one or two more hits…ie knockdown Borka) would’ve killed him.  Aiyana and Holt, now near the left zone, try to Harm Rok (miss by 1, damn I miss magic 8), but Holt hits him twice for solid damage.  The Thorn Gun Mages both barrel on the Fell Caller, killing him in two hits.  The last one shoots Rok and does minor damage.  Versh pops shots into Borka, hits a lot and does no damage.  I end my turn up 3-0.  My 2nd mistake of the turn was going after Borka.  I could’ve left him in must worse shape if I went after Rok, the Pyre troll or just got more in the way.  Third mistake was putting Ashlynn even vaguely in threat.  With no kill box, she could’ve been way back, in a position to advance/run into the zone next turn.

Turn 4: Borka has a fury problem (which I helped a little by going for him and letting him transfer).  He takes all from the Mountain King and left two each on Pyre troll and Rok.  Pyre troll frenzied, killing an Idrian.  Rok doesn’t frenzy.  Borka charges the Mule, casts Frost Hammer, critting on both the Mule and Ashlynn.  He does 7(2) damage to Ashlynn.  The ends up killing a Devil Dog and leaves the Mule with a handful of boxes (including Cortex and right arm).  Rok can’t affect the end of the battle, so he just eats a couple Idrians.  Here’s where shit gets a bit crazy.  The Mountain King (on the other side of a forest from Ashlynn) casts Rage on himself and throws the Pyre troll in her direction.  New rules…it doesn’t scatter, just hits whatever is there.  Does minimal damage to the Pyre Troll and leaves Ashlynn on 3 (after focus spent) and still on fire.  Also, contests the zone.  On my turn, the fire doesn’t go out.  Oak rolls 5 for damage…which is only 2 after armor.  Devil Dogs knock down Borka and kill him in two shots.


Analysis:  The first two turns were really good.  Oak said I probably didn’t have to feat that turn as it would’ve made the assassination much more possible on the next turn.  That may be correct, but I also may not have done as much damage as I did.  The real mistake was trying to get both victory conditions.  I don’t need to kill Borka and get scenario.  Only one or the other and scenario was much more live.  Also, when going for scenario, you don’t need to win on their turn.  Set it up so you can win on your turn, especially when they have no credible way to contest (aside from crazy throw).  Overall it was a good experience.  Idirans continue to be awesome.  Thorn Gun Mages are useful, but I could drop.  The Bokur is super hit or miss, but I need to get better at using him.  The Devil Dogs continue to be amazing in certain circumstances.  Their not top-tier, but they will occasionally be worth way more than their 18 points.

That’s all for this time!  I should be able to get a game or two in this week!