So, I got game 6 of the Ashlynn Challenge in last Saturday.  My opponent was Oak, playing his caster challenge Calandra.  His list had a Swamp Troll, Axer, Mauler, Highwaymen with Braylen, Champions, the Chronic, Runebearer and maximum sized Stone.  Our scenario was Linebreaker, which seems like a very tough one to win on Scenario.  We made minor mistake with terrain by having a very large rock template that Oak decided was all impassable.  It cut off a good portion of the board to easy reinforcement by me, but also made it hard for him to bring any amount of force to bear in the middle of the table.  Unfortunately, we were not able to finish the game, due to Oak’s prior commitments.

My Idrians deployed across from, and preyed, the Highwaymen and killed them all by turn 2.  Calandra’s Feat and some good boosting, let the Mauler and Braylen do a good job of killing about half and were a threat to score (once) on my flag.  Toward the middle, the Mule, Aiyanna & Holt, and Harlan Versh managed to kill the Swamp Troll and the Champions.  The Thorn Gun Mages managed to kill the Chronic and were in great position to score on his flag.  Gallant and the Devil Dogs had derped around for a couple turns, but were in good position to be late game powerhouses.

When we had to stop, Oak agreed that i’d probably win since i’d suffered only losses to my Idrians and had most of my army left to kill about a third of his army.

I learned a couple of interesting things:  Rhupert doesn’t affect himself anymore.  Purgation works on anything affected by an animus.  And, finally, you need to be really careful about placement of impassible terrain.  List wise, i’m still considering replacing the Devil Dogs.  I had a 2nd idea for replacement…drop Devil Dogs and Thorn Gun Mages for Nyss Hunters and Devils Shadow Mutineers.  Seems like it would be a good swap, as the Nyss are better defensively (in most cases) and have a better threat range.  As i’ve stated, I’m not going to change the list until after the challenge, but it’s good to have an idea what’s not working well, so I can analyze them better.


That’s it for this time, hopefully I can get at least one more game in this weekend.