The coming of Mark 3 has led us to really think differently about our factions, and without turning this blog post into too many words…the purpose of this new series is an opportunity to address some of the challenges that different factions will face in the emerging new meta.

For Trolls, nothing has been bigger than the change to Tough. When you tough, you are knocked down. When you are knocked down, you lose tough. Combine that with your Def going to 5 when knocked down…and you are basically autokilled on the second hit.

So…when I set forth to create my next gen Trolls list…this is where I netted out…

Troll List

So…as you can see…this is NOT what you are used to seeing from Calandra in Mk2. Back then…it was all lights all the time because the theme bonuses. Well…that’s gone…so lets talk about how this list is supposed to work.

Bombers are exceptionally good crowd control. Now that Far Strike has gone to Fury 1, This means that the bomber has the opportunity to shoot twice 12″, boost damage twice. 4″ AOEs are money and in a pinch they can get some melee work done.

The Bouncer is the new star of the Troll line up in my opinion. I look at the Bouncer as an incredibly important part of this list. It’s animus gives you a no knock down caster that has access to bullet dodger making her 16/14 immune to blast damage. Plus…he can shield guard which is vitally important.

Now for the heart of this list…and you are going to see it alot…Max Champs with Skaldi…Max Warders…and a full stone.

Calandra can fully fuel the stone, you are shield guarding the Champs with ARM 21 Warders when standing next to a buddy…and the Champs are Def 14 against melee standing in Star Crossed the whole game.

Folks…try this list…I’ve played it twice and it is powerful.