If you’re like me it’s hard to get latex gloves that fit well.  That makes it harder to paint certain models as you start rubbing your paint off while you’re holding the model.  Luckily, Chris over at Madness Minis has an alternative.  Based off the common (at least in this area) wooden dowel for holding models, Chris has made a simple way to have multiple models being painted at the same time on wooden dowels.

Model holder for 10 models, 25mm dowels

Here is his first holder.  As you can see it has 10 dowels, so you can paint a unit all at once.  You can attached models to the dowels by two-sided tape (which is hit or miss) or with poster putty (blu-tack), as I had done here.  The dowel gives you plenty of grip while your painting and even helps you should you need to hold it at an angle.  This was a great start, but there were two things I didn’t like…

As you can see in the first picture, they dowels were a bit loose.  Now this never posed a problem, even when I transported it around, but it did worry me.  Also, the 25mm dowels were great for Inifnity models, but most of my models are 30mm or larger and I didn’t like the overhang, as seen in picture 2.  Now I don’t know if this would actually pose a problem, but I didn’t want to find out.  Enter model holder mk 2!

As you can see, this is based off the same concept but now it holds 15 models.  Also, as you can see in picture 3, there is no wiggle room for the dowels.  It even holds decently well at angles that you shouldn’t hold the tray at.  Pictures 4 and 5 show how 30mm and 25mm models fit on the dowel.  No more overhang!  This makes me much more confident in the models not being knocked off so I can transport this around with me.

I’m very pleased with both of these and even have plans to commission one or two more (40mm for 10 models and 50mm for 5 models).  The price of $20 for the 10x25mm and $40 for the 15x30mm is very good and won’t break the bank.  He also offers 2 and 6 model holders for $5 and $10, respectively.  His shipping rates are fair and packaging and shipping times are really good.

Interested?  Contact Chris from Madness Minis at chris@madnessminis.com.