So, I got a package from Madness Minis this week and I was all set to review it for all you Brushheads out there.  About 5 or 6 pictures in, my digital camera got done draining a brand new set of batteries (yes my digital camera is that old, don’t judge me).  I scrambled around looking for new batteries, but I had none.  Resisting the urge to throw out the camera with the spent batteries, I instead fired up the computer to get a replacement.  One quick search later and I find the same kind I use at work, which happen to have all the features I would like, and the Walmart website says the local store has 3.  Excellent!  I’ll just take the 3 minute drive over and pick it right up!  I can get lunch at the same time, I love it when plan comes together.  Plus, i’m supporting a business that employs some people locally, rather than Amazon.  Rainbows shine and all is right with the world, right?

Unfortunately, as a wise man said, no good plan survives contact with the enemy.  I get to Walmart and find the camera section…it’s like a wasteland.   They have spots for almost two dozen cameras, but only about 8 there.  And worse, none are the one i’m looking for.  So I go up the ladies who run the counter in the electronics area and ask if they have it.  Without checking a computer or anything, they tell me “no, we don’t have that, but we might tomorrow.  We’re getting new stock in.”  Now I understand knowing what you do and don’t have, but you figure when the customer tells you that the company website says you have 3 in stock, you’d at least check.  Nope.  Instead of looking for an alternate, I just head out of Walmart, pick up lunch and drive back to order the same camera on Amazon.  Plus I got it for the same price, just a delay for shipping.  So, instead of an article on a new product from Madness Minis, you get a piece on me yabbering on about Walmart vs Amazon, and an excuse for lack of actual content.  The moral of the story?  At least I got Arby’s.