Hey Brushheads and Cronies!

This week on the Sunday Big Show we talk about color schemes and how those might evolve over time. I have been painting my PoM since 2008 and to say they have changed is an understatement…but that is ok! We talk about how you might use color to make different types of units more identifiable and more flavorful on the table.

I work on Pyrrhus, Flameguard Hero during the show and he is a beautiful model. I get about 90% of the base coating done during the show. When he is finished during the week, I will post pictures here on the blog!

Remember…if you are looking for the audio program, it will no longer be part of the Muse podcast feed. Search on itunes for Painting with MenothJohn OR

http://pwmenothjohn.libsyn.com/rss   on your favorite podcatcher!

For the Audio only…