Welcome to the new home of MenothJohn!

Before there was Painting with MenothJohn…

Before there was Lost Hemisphere…

Before there was even MenothJohn…

There was CerealJohn and a little blog called Getting Small.

Getting Small was all about the beginning of my adventure in minis gaming. Life had a lot in store for me back in 2008 when I started Getting Small, and I had to hang it up.

I am back now. After posting for a few years over at Muse on Minis, I have decided to strike off on my own. Frankly, I want the freedom to explore other topics as well as establishing a permanent home for PwMJ.

I will be posting the show here and PwMJ will no longer show up on the Muse on Minis feed.

You can still find the audio on iTunes by searching Painting with MenothJohn or by pointing your favorite podcatcher at: http://pwmenothjohn.libsyn.com/rss

I sure hope you will find the new blog fun and informative. I am planning on having John Spencer contributing on here as well as BelindaLibrarian. Who else? Who knows? I will be shooting for regular content to make sure coming here makes sense.

It’s a new day and we are cranking up the Positivity Engine about the potential!